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Coronavirus is a human tragedy but also a tough blow for the business community. However, for e-sellers there is much to be gained from taking a proactive approach and helping and guiding online customers.
There is in particular one predominant reason why e-sellers should always take a 'headless' platform into consideration. Namely that an e-commerce solution is NEVER complete. It is a process which is 'endless'.
Bizzkit is closely involved in the development of Raptor Services’s new Customer Data Platform which collects customer data across sources and makes it possible to work even more efficiently with personalisation. The close cooperation ensures an easy integration between the CDP and the Bizzkit platform as well as a high level of user-friendliness.
A good e-commerce solution must be user-friendly, efficient to work in and future-proof. One critical area for achieving this is by ensuring optimal integration – both between the solution’s core products, outwards towards external technologies and within the company’s existing systems.
It may sound absurd that it can be an advantage to be missing the head. However, when it comes to e-commerce solutions, it may be a gain on several fronts to be 'headless'. In particular, if your business is working towards a Unified Commerce strategy. Read on and learn more about both concepts.
A modern Content Management System is designed to support you, allowing you to efficiently set up and publish captivating content across segments, markets and national borders.
A Product Information Management (PIM) system can help you to keep the overview of your product data, make your work procedures more efficient and finally ensure a valuable competitive advantage.
A Digital Asset Management software system helps you deliver the right content at the right time and place with a minimal use of resources.
By improving the recommendation of relevant products in the webshop to its customers and by making emails personal, the clothing store chain Zizzi has increased conversion rate by impressive 150%.

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