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Get the most out of your
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Turn searching into your best seller.

Watch the webinar on-demand and learn how to turn the search engine into your strongest sales tool.


Customers who search are more likely to buy. Three times as likely to buy as customers who just click around in your store. Therefore, the search engine must work optimally so that you do not lose customers with great potential.

Now you can learn how to optimize your search so that customers find products they want to buy.

​​​​​​​Join the webinar and get your search engine to sell!


  • Understand Search, and why it can be difficult
  • Strategies for handling the search experience
  • Introduction to findability score
  • Better presentation of your search results
  • Q&A

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Dennis Konrad

Dennis Konrad
Head of Marketing
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Michell Cronberg

Michell Cronberg
Technical Trainer  
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