Transparent pricing

You should be able to know what your solution will cost. Now and in the future. That's why we have chosen to create a simple pricing model that ensures you always know what you will pay for your Bizzkit solution for years to come. Our prices are capped and reliable without limiting your possibilities for the future.

A package that
​​​​​​​suits you

We have a pricing  package that suits you. We offer Professional or Enterprise packages to most of our customers today, but some have such demanding solutions that we have introduced an Unlimited  package, which allows for unrestricted growth. We do not have a Starter package, as our solutions are only aimed at mature companies who have outgrown standard solutions.

The service(s) you need

Your approach to e-commerce is probably composable. That's why our prices are too. You can have access to the entire Bizzkit Commerce Cloud, or you can choose to only use a single or a couple of services. For example, choose Bizzkit PIM and Bizzkit DAM, so you never have to pay for more than you use.

Easy to figure out

You don't need to pull out the huge spreadsheet with 60 variables to calculate how our Bizzkit pricing model will apply. We can give you your fixed annual price a few hours after you contact us, so you know how to budget for the future.

All inclusive​​​​​​​

You get access to all features and all updates for your product immediately – regardless of your pricing package. There are no hidden costs or fees that suddenly surprise you. We believe in predictability and transparency as a cornerstone in being great to work with.

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