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Get the formula for a future-proof​​​​​​​ e-commerce solution

Choose the Bizzkit platform if you wish to strengthen your business with an e-commerce solution which can be customised to match your customers’ shopping journey perfectly. If you want a complete platform that includes PIM, DAM, CMS and a strong ecosystem which creates a simple and secure integration. And not least, if you want a scalable platform which future-proofs your business.

Bizzkit integrates with the third party modules which is the best match for your business

Integrated freedom of choice

The platform’s API structure makes it easy to integrate with the third party modules which is the best match for your business – e.g. payment, delivery and personalisation.

Go to the ecosystem

More than 100 large, international brands – B2B as well as B2C – already use the Bizzkit platform.

100+ successful cases

More than 100 large, international brands – B2B as well as B2C – have already decided to base their e-commerce solution on the Bizzkit platform.

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Bizzkit handles transactions worth 1.5 billion Euro annually

1.5 billion Euro annually

We create the breeding ground for ambitious e-commerce solutions – and we have done so for more than 17 years. Today, the Bizzkit platform handles transactions worth more than €1.5 billion annually.

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The digital full-service agency Forbytes teams up with the e-commerce platform Bizzkit in order to satisfy the online ambitions of the Nordic e-commerce players and raise the bar for flexible e-commerce.
Altor has recently launched QNTM Group which from the beginning will be the new principal shareholder in Bizzkit and the parent company Hesehus that has come strongly through the corona crisis. The vendor is 3C Groups which has been the principal shareholder for 15 years. With the new partnership, the ambitions for Bizzkit’s international expansion are further strengthened.


E-commerce and sustainability

24% of the Nordic consumers believe that online shopping causes bigger damage to the environment than shopping in physical stores. 52% are to 'a great extent' or 'a very great extent' willing to wait 2 days longer for delivery in order to obtain a more sustainable online shopping. Delve into the numbers and learn more about what consumers think about e-commerce and sustainability.


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