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Create and publish targeted content in a fully flexible CMS designed for e-commerce.

Bizzkit Content Management System (CMS) - Increase marketing effectiveness

Increase marketing effectiveness

Bizzkit CMS contains no fixed templates from the start and offers unlimited options to create content according to your preferences and workflows. The easy-to-use platform enables you to create, edit, collaborate and publish content quickly across segments, markets and countries.

Compelling content encourages people to buy

Get the chance to work with your own templates, designs and visual media. Publish inspiring and targeted content at just the right time to grab your users' attention and kick-start the buying process.

Design Eyewear Group's payoff is 'Design is the heart of our company'. This should also be reflected in the international eyewear manufacturer's webshop, to which the Bizzkit CMS' flexible designer contributes.

Why Bizzkit CMS makes a difference

Multisite management and campaign management

Bizzkit CMS is fully responsive, so your messages capture recipients via desktop, tablet and in-store screens. The 'custom breakpoints' feature guides you and creates a unique overview when designing and customising the pages of your solution for specific devices.

Target audience​​​​​​​

The CMS's Target Audience personalisation tool allows you to work intelligently with content for selected target groups. Create the unique content directly in the CMS designer and set up the audiences based on data collected in the integrated personalisation module.​​​​​​​

Few clicks – save time​​​​​​​

On each article page, you're just one click away from being able to create, add, customise, copy, scale and delete content. For example, change image content with a media picker that integrates directly to Bizzkit DAM, and easily add new elements to a page.

Responsive and Mobile First

Bizzkit CMS is fully responsive, so your messages capture recipients via desktop, tablet and in-store screens. The 'custom breakpoints' feature guides you and creates a unique overview when designing and customising the pages of your solution for specific devices.

Mass operations

Quickly copy all elements in the desired rows and columns to the clipboard, making it easy to reuse layouts and content in article pages – even across segments.

Approval workflow, revisions and versioning

With the built-in tools, you can optimise collaboration across the organisation, ensuring faster impact and greater brand consistency.

SEO optimisation tools

Bizzkit CMS offers a range of built-in, easy-to-use tools for technical SEO optimisation, giving search engines the best conditions to read, understand and index content. You can also work with A/B, split and multivariable tests and integrate with Google Analytics.

Definition of own templates

In Bizzkit CMS, you are not tied to a set of fixed page templates, but instead you get the creative freedom to build all the pages and layouts you need. The CMS allows you to turn the page layouts you use continuously into fixed templates.

  • What is a CMS system?

    CMS stands for Content Management System and is a digital platform where you can easily create, edit and organize the content for your digital channels. CMS is typically used for blog posts, news articles, press releases, product catalogues and FAQs. The systems are user-friendly, so anyone can easily produce and publish content without help from a developer.
  • Why should you have a CMS system?

    Every content-driven company should have a CMS system. Content marketing is steadily on the rise and a state-of-the-art CMS is a key component in your success. The CMS must support you in effectively creating and publishing engaging content for your new and existing customers. Across everything from segments and markets to new borders. With a CMS system you can easily build relationships between your business and its audience by creating and sharing the right content at the right time. A CMS saves you a lot of time when working on content, because you can easily ensure a consistent look and feel, create and publish content faster, and tick all the relevant technical boxes. The content you distribute through your CMS system can be anything from how-to guides, inspiration on how to use your products, or other tips and tricks that generate more sales and leads or increase customer satisfaction. Simply because your customers are getting the information they needed to make a qualified decision.
  • What requirements do you have for a CMS system?

    Today, virtually all companies work with a CMS system. There are many different CMS systems that cover different needs. That means there are several considerations you need to make when choosing a new CMS. A CMS system is not a tool marketing can pick out by themselves. Before choosing a new CMS system, it is useful to include technical knowledge from IT, as well as knowledge about customer needs from the sales department and strategic input from senior management. Furthermore, you should make sure that the CMS system has APIs and supports integrations with other apps and microservices. Make sure you choose a system that is flexible enough to be expanded with your desired external partners. Take a look at your needs both now and in the future to ensure that your choice of CMS system will help deliver on your strategic plan in the long term. Fixed templates can provide certainty right now, but only a fully flexible designer offers unlimited possibilities and scalability in the future.

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