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Content Management System

Get a fully flexible CMS in which you can efficiently create and publish targeted content that involves new and present customers.

Create catchy content with Bizzkit CMS

With the Bizzkit CMS system you can improve the shopping experience for your customers because the content can be distributed to match the profiles of your customers perfectly.

The system also makes it possible to work with own templates, designs and visual media to allow you to create inspiring pages which convert to purchase.

At the same time, Bizzkit CMS helps increasing your efficiency because you can quickly set up, edit and publish content across segments, markets and national borders.

A modern CMS helps you to effectively create captivating content across segments, languages and markets.

The Design Eyewear Group’s payoff is ‘Design is the heart of our company’. This also has to be reflected in the international eyewear manufacturer's webshop to which the Bizzkit CMS’s flexible designer contributes.

Make the execution of your digital marketing strategy more efficient

The Bizzkit Content Management System has no permanent templates and this gives endless opportunities to create content, precisely as you wish – now and in the future. Flexibility and intuitive working procedures are the key words in relation to the CMS’s designer and in the many new features which are built on the solution when Bizzkit every quarter launches a theme release based on an ambitious road map.

In addition to the system’s powerful core features, it is possible with the CMS’s custom injection feature to play extra with your own CSS classes, whereas you can create unique content blocks according to your needs using the placeholder feature.

Powerful core features

WYSIWYG designer with drag ‘n drop management, user and role management for efficient and central control, free and easy setup of menu items in the hierarchy and a block library with effective standard blocks for the setup of your unique content – such as text, pictures, video and buttons.

Target audience

The CMS’s personalisation tool Target Audience makes it possible to work intelligently with content for selected target groups. Create the unique content directly in the CMS’s designer and set up the target groups based on collected data in the integrated personalisation module.

​​​​​​​Few clicks – save time

In every article page, you are only one click from being able to set up, add, adjust, copy, scale and delete content. You can change picture content via a media picker which integrates directly to Bizzkit DAM and you can easily add new elements to a page – precisely where you want them to be.

Flexible standard

The CMS is a standard product built on the powerful Microsoft technology stack. In addition to a powerful CMS foundation, we cooperate with the best within news emails, personalisation, marketing automation and much more. Via the CMS’s API, integration to the third party modules which you request is made easy.
Read more about our Ecosystem here:

More value-adding features

Responsive and Mobile First

Bizzkit CMS is fully responsive so your messages capture the recipients via desktop, tablet and in-store screens. The feature ‘custom breakpoints’, which display customer specific preview sizes, guides you and creates a unique overview when you design and adjust the pages for specific devices.

Multisite and campaign management

With Multisite Management, you work with one entry for all sites and are thus ensured an efficient working procedure when you roll out in several markets, languages, brandsites, microsites, etc. The campaign management function makes it easy for you to plan, time and differentiate campaigns across markets.

Approval workflow, revisions and versioning

With the integrated tools, you can optimise the cooperation across the organisation and through that ensure faster implementation and better brand consistency.

SEO optimisation tools

Bizzkit CMS offers a number of integrated, user-friendly tools for the technical SEO optimisation and when they are used consistently, the search engines provide the best conditions for reading, understanding and indexing the content. You can also work with A/B, spit and multi variable tests and integrate with Google Analytics.

Definition of own templates

In Bizzkit CMS you are not tied to a number of permanent page templates. On the contrary, you are creatively free to build all the pages and layouts you need. The CMS also contains the possibility of making the page layouts which you use again and again into permanent templates to always ensure the optimal working procedure and you can choose to handle the layout centrally.

Mass operations

Fast copying of all elements in the requested rows and columns for the clipboard makes it easy to reuse layouts and content in article pages – also across segments.

The market’s most complete
e-commerce platform

Bizzkit CMS is included in the market’s most complete e-commerce platform Bizzkit which uniquely contains CMS, DAM, PIM as well as Webshop under one common login and with seamless integrations.


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