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The CMS toolkit is the foundation of Bizzkit Visual Headless CMS. It ensures that you get a CMS with all the flexibility and freedom of headless technology, but with the user-friendliness and simplicity of a visual Drag & Drop Editor.  

Only with Bizzkit

We’ve built on the foundation laid by, so you can drag & drop over 20 years of e-commerce experience into your online shop. We’ve built a massive component library with all the key e-commerce features like buy buttons and product carousels. This will significantly shorten your development time and time-to-market. The same goes for our private connectors, which make creating composable commerce tailored to the Nordic markets a lightning-fast process.


100% What You See Is What You Get.


Perfect for Composable Commerce. API-First. 


Tailored to Nordic e-commerce by Bizzkit.

Drag & Drop Editor 

We call the CMS ‘Visual’ because you can always see exactly what your content will look like. With an easy-to-use Drag & Drop Editor, composing perfect campaign pages has never been easier. You can use pre-built components like those in the Bizzkit library, or create your own elements from scratch. 

Fewer bottlenecks 

Advanced e-commerce requires good collaboration between many teams - between both developers and commercial profiles. With multi-user and real-time editing, everyone can work simultaneously without conflict. It’s easy to work across the organisation, so developers can work on improving performance and creating new integrations while the e-commerce team creates new campaigns. Everyone works independently of each other, which means you end up with fewer bottlenecks and seamless workflows.


Bizzkit CMS is built on the gold standards of composable technology and can integrate with virtually anything through API connections. It is also easy to develop new components and plugins for the system – both frontend and backend. This ensures that you can always structure and use your data the way you want.

Everything can be optimised

Several tools that make it easier to see your customers’ preferences are built into the CMS. A/B split tests and heatmaps give you solid data for making commercial decisions. Of course, you can also send data to the analytics tools you already use in order to get to know your customers even better.

Connected to something bigger

Bizzkit CMS is part of the Bizzkit Commerce Cloud. This means you gain access to market-leading PIM, DAM and Search solutions that are fully integrated with the CMS. With single sign-on, you can work across all the systems in your browser. This saves you time and gives you the strongest possible foundation for a composable commerce setup. 


  • What is Visual Headless?

    Visual Headless describes how Bizzkit CMS has all the system architecture advantages of headless while being far more user-friendly due to the visual editor and the extensive possibilities for customising the output – even when you are not a developer.
  • What is is a tool for building experiences and is the underlying technology in Bizzkit CMS. We’ve added a lot of essential components and plugins to tailor the system to Nordic e-commerce.
  • Why choose Bizzkit CMS?

    Bizzkit CMS is a future-proof CMS that has evolved beyond headless. The system is tailored to e-commerce in the Nordics and is the most flexible and scalable CMS on the market. At the same time, integration to PIM, DAM and E-commerce Search is crucial to user-friendliness and the product team’s daily work.

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