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Make it easy for customers to buy with relevant search results and merchandising that sells.

Can you afford not to have the ideal search engine?

43% use the search bar first thing when they visit a webshop. Users who search convert to customers three times as often as users who only browse. Therefore, the search results must be optimal. And they become so with Ecommerce Search. It turns the search bar into your best salesperson.

The right order is crucial

Customers most often click the top result in a result list. That makes it crucial to have top results that are as relevant as possible. The merchandising center in Ecommerce Search makes it possible to perfect your result pages and PLPs, so they both consider the customer's wishes and your business. You can prioritize everything from stock status to the products with the highest margin, while customers always find what they are looking for.


Eliminate zero searches


Give the customer the best results 


Get a complete overview of searches

Take control

Ecommerce Search is an effective search engine and merchandising engine that helps you offer the ideal search experience on your webshop. You can manage and control everything a search entails: Help the customer discover new products and present the most relevant results.

Ecommerce Search understands, translates, presents, and optimizes your revenue.

Get smarter

Ecommerce Search constantly updates your knowledge about your users' searches. Unlike other search engines, Ecommerce Search is not a black box. This means that you can get a precise explanation of why a product is displayed where it is, or why it is not. And have the tools to change the search result at hand.In addition, all products get a findability score, which makes it easy for you to analyze and prioritize which products you should make it easier to find - both when you launch new products and when you continuously optimize based on knowledge of your customers' search behavior.

Why is the product not displayed in the search results?

Or why is a wrong product displayed? With the built-in diagnostic tool and dashboard, it quickly becomes clear why a product is displayed or not. With the tool, you can then change the keywords that the product is found through or the product's attributes and influence the search results immediately.

Search engines can be difficult to understand - but we make it easy

70% of search engines do not understand synonyms. This means that you do not find jeans if you search for pants. It should not be like that. Ecommerce Search offers a range of simple features that customize search results, taking into account everything from synonyms and hypernyms, to spelling errors and split words.

Inspire the user and avoid zero search results

Ecommerce Search offers both search suggestions and related tags to provide more relevant searches. This means that the user always gets the best search results - both on product searches and on content searches.

When working actively with search suggestions or related tags, you can always correct potential errors, e.g. spelling, and ensure that users do not hit a zero search.

Search suggestions are live predictions that help customers complete their searches

Related tags are displayed after the search and let users narrow down the search with a single click

Present your products optimally

Ecommerce Search is not just a search engine. It is also a powerful merchandising tool that makes it possible to prioritize your products in the right way. The tool can sort based on data sources such as purchase history, personalization, wisdom-of-the-crowd, stock status, popularity, product attributes, and much more.


  • What is Ecommerce Search?

    Ecommerce Search is a search engine and a merchandising tool tailored for e-commerce. The search engine makes it easy to find any product in a webshop. Merchandising ensures that the customer is always presented with the most relevant product.
  • What is merchandising?

    Digital merchandising is prioritizing your products on the product lists. It is equivalent to prioritizing which products should be in the window or on the best shelf spaces in a physical store.
  • How do you get better search results?

    Many search engines today do not handle all synonyms and spelling errors, but it can be difficult to correct the errors even though you know them, because the search engines only get better through machine learning. With Ecommerce Search, you can always customize each search result and address spelling errors and synonyms.

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