Ecommerce Search

On-site search engine enhancing customers’ search experience with fast and relevant search results.

Can you afford not having the ideal search engine?

43% of users go directly to the search bar when visiting a webshop. Searchers convert three times as much as people who browse, but we believe it can become even better. With Ecommerce Search, we want to turn your search engine into your best salesman.

Take control of your site search

Ecommerce Search is a powerful search engine and control interface that enables you to offer the ideal search experience on your webshop. You can manage and control every part of understanding a search query, assisting a search query, and presenting the most relevant results.

Easy way from insights to improved search

Why is this product not shown in the search results?

Or why is a wrong product shown? The built-in diagnostics tool lets you quickly and effectively understand the reasons why a given product is shown or not. And from here, you can immediately e.g. change product descriptions and affect the search result.

Understanding search is complex, but we make it easy

70% of site search engines are unable to return relevant results for product type synonyms. Managing this is obviously needed. Based on all historic searches and product names and keywords, Ecommerce Search leverage various search concepts. These include synonyms, hypernyms, misspellings, exceptions, and decompound words.

Inspire the user and avoid zero search results

Ecommerce Search offers Suggestions and Related Tags as prefixed search suggestions using product information. This ensures that the user is presented to the best results both while typing in a search bar and after having ended a search query.

Working actively with suggestions or related tags corrects possible errors such as misspellings and ensures that users are not presented
​​​​​​​to a ‘no results’ page.

Suggestions are live predictions helping shoppers complete their query.

Related Tags appears after the search and lets users specify with only one click.

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