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Digital Asset Management

Get help to organise digital materials so you can deliver the right content at the right time and place with a minimal use of resources.

Get all media files under control with a Bizzkit DAM

93% of the online users say that the visual presentation of the products is crucial for their decision to buy. This means that with an increasing requirement to use visual materials, a need for a better organisation, structuring and sharing of the materials has been created. Bizzkit DAM can help you to

  • Ensure control of your brand. When you gather your current materials in one place where there is easy access for everybody, you achieve a higher degree of brand consistency.
  • Strengthen the cooperation internally and externally. The system makes it easy to find relevant files and share them across the organisation and with external business partners.
  • Make the working procedures more efficient. With the automation of heavy working procedures, faceted search functions and simple distribution options, your daily work is made easy and efficient.
With Bizzkit DAM you get help organizing your digital materials

Using the Bizzkit DAM system, The Nordic countries’ largest chain within curvy fashion, Zizzi, administers its picture material easily and simply and shares it with subsidiaries and partners.
www.zizzifashion.com - read the case.

Secure, central and efficient handling of your visual material

Bizzkit DAM is a solid product with all the basic features for handling of pictures and other media files in and outside the organisation. One master file is uploaded for each element as ‘Single Source of Truth’ as an archive file via a drop folder or via drag 'n drop. This ensures optimised working procedures together with a fine-grained permission handling at a user and role level. Subsequently, it is easy to pick out, retrieve and edit files.

Basket function

Place selected pictures in the basket, name them and store. Use the basket to find a collection of files and publish allowing other users in DAM to have access to them. You can also create a download link with the basket’s content which can be forwarded to partners outside the organisation.

Integration to CMS and PIM

With a fully integrated e-commerce platform, it is easy to link elements together across the various products. From CMS it is easy to retrieve files from DAM through a file picker for article pages and in PIM files can be attached to the individual products.

Filtered searches

DAM contains a powerful search engine and filtering options based on the attributes and tags which are attached to the media files. Find easily and quickly the right files and make the work with these as efficient as possible.

One entry for numerous channels

Allow Bizzkit DAM to handle organisation and secure distribution of your digital media such as webshop, partnershops, catalogues, product sheets and much more. The system is built to scale your business needs and is optimised to handling an increasing amount of data.

More value-adding features

Easy upload

With the Bizzkit DAM system you can upload individual files or folders for automatic batch import via FTP. In connection with import, the media bank automatically ensures the gathering of metadata to enrich the files to allow you to search for files later on based on this.

Fine-grained permission handling

You can assign rights to different user groups or selected users. In this way, you have full control of which folders are exposed to whom and to which extent the files can be changed by the individual user. This also means that you do not have to worry about giving external partners access to the system knowing that they only have access to precisely the areas you want them to access.

Picture handling by one master file

Upload one master file in a high resolution and let the Bizzkit DAM transform the file before you forward it to the right channel and be part of the entire process; select, crop, add copyright, change resolution, file format, etc.

Bizzkit DAM kan håndtere alle filformater

Supports all file formats

Graphics, pictures, campaign material, logos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. – the Bizzkit DAM system can store all file formats and displays previews and enables transformations in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, SVG, SWF, AI and PSD formats.

Attributes and tags

With the integrated tag and attribute system, it is easy to create a common standard for file enrichment to ensure consistency across your files and make it even faster to find the right files in a search.

Constantly surrounded by visual impressions

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The market’s most complete
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Bizzkit DAM is included in the market’s most complete e-commerce platform Bizzkit which uniquely contains CMS, DAM, PIM as well as Webshop under one common login and with seamless integrations.


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