Digital Asset Management

Organise your digital materials and publish relevant content on time with minimal resources.

Bizzkit Digital Asset Management (DAM) - One custom point of entry to numerous channels

One custom point of entry to numerous channels

Let Bizzkit DAM handle the organisation and distribution of your digital media for everything from webshop, partner shops, catalogues, product magazines, etc. Customise the setup and structure to your needs, and minimise working time by being able to find relevant files faster.

Visual product presentation leads to purchase

Online consumers shop with their eyes, so the structure of all visual material becomes crucial for your e-commerce performance.
​​​​​​​The majority of online consumers believe that the visual presentation of a product online is paramount in their purchase decision. With increasing demand for online visual presentation comes a need to easily organise and distribute digital files.

Visual product presentation leads to purchase

Bizzkit DAM helps you to

Achieve a higher degree of brand consistency by gathering all current materials in one place.

Streamline your daily work through automation of cumbersome workflows, faceted search functions and simple distribution options.

Easily retrieve relevant files and share them across the organisation and with external partners.

Features for secure and efficient management of your visual material​​​​​​​

Basket function​​​​​​​

Add selected images to the basket and name them. You and others will then be able to easily find the files. In addition, you can create a download link to the content of the basket that can be sent to stakeholders outside the organisation.

Filtered searches​​​​​​​

DAM provides a powerful search engine and filtering capabilities, based on the attributes and tags associated with the media files. Workflows are streamlined as it becomes easier to find the right files quickly.

Attributes and tags

The built-in tag and attribute system make it easy to create a shared standard for file enrichment, ensuring consistency across your files and making it even faster to find the right files in a search.

Easy upload

With the Bizzkit DAM system, you can upload single files or folders for automatic batch import via FTP. On import, the media bank automatically harvests the metadata and enriches the files with it, so you can later retrieve files based on just that.

Fine-meshed permit management​​​​​​​

You can assign rights to different user groups or selected users, so you have full control over which folders are exposed to whom. That means you can safely let external partners into the system.​​​​​​​

Image processing of one master file​​​​​​​

Upload one high-resolution master file and let Bizzkit DAM transform the file before sending it out to the right channel, or take part in the whole process yourself; select, crop, add copyright, change resolution, file format, etc.

Supports all file formats​​​​​​​

Graphics, images, campaign materials, logos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Bizzkit DAM system can store all file formats and display previews and enable transformations on BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, SVG, SWF, AI and PSD formats.

  • What is DAM?

    DAM stands for Digital Asset Management and is a system that helps you store, share, search, edit, organize, and reuse digital assets. That includes images, icons, illustrations, videos, PDFs, infographics and more. The system paves the way for efficient and time-saving workflows and collaboration with digital, visual materials. With a DAM system, you get a shared collection in one, secure place, where finding relevant files is easy and efficient. This means that sharing files inside and outside the company will be easier and faster. Accessing files will also be easier, as colleagues and collaborators will not have to depend on a single contact person to share materials. Another advantage of the DAM system is the consistent use and reuse of the right and latest materials, ensuring brand consistency.
  • When should you have a DAM System?

    All businesses can benefit from a DAM system to easily retrieve and redistribute the right files to the right stakeholders and systems. Perhaps you are currently using a shared drive and are struggling to locate files and finding the latest version of them. You may also experience that your employees spend a lot of time searching for files, not just for internal use, but also on behalf of partners. A lack of structure can result in an inconsistent brand expression, poor quality control and thus delayed time-to-market for products and services, because the processes are too cumbersome.
  • Which files can be used in a DAM system?

    Photos, videos, audio files, documents and other creative file types can be organized in a DAM system.

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