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Make it simple to get your images and videos out there. No matter if it's for your webshop, partner shop, POS, or something completely different. With Bizzkit DAM, you don't have to worry about whether customers access your solution from an app, mobile browser, or desktop. Bizzkit DAM ensures that your material always fits the customer's device.

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See it before you buy

Product images and product videos have only become more important. Customers want to see the product before they buy online. Strong visual representation is crucial for your next sale. This makes it crucial that your solution can handle large volumes of film and images.
​​​​​​​It should also make it as easy as possible for you to keep track.

An image becomes 1000 opportunities

The media must always fit the individual customer. This means that a product image is not just a single image. It needs to be adapted to the customer's device, current campaigns, sales channel, placement of the image on the site, and much more. In Bizzkit DAM, you only need to upload a single master image, which you can make a thousand variants of.

Once and for all

When you transform an image in Bizzkit DAM, you only need to do it the first time. After that, the transformations work automatically - also on completely new images you upload. Bizzkit DAM also ensures to convert the transformations to the most web-optimized formats, so that your site performs optimally.

Not just for images

It's not just your images Bizzkit DAM can handle. The system can help you store and distribute almost any file type such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio, and much more. Bizzkit DAM is your control center for anything that resembles digital files.

Search and you shall find

Bizzkit DAM makes it simple for you to keep track of all your files with strong folder structures, attributes, and an intuitive tagging system. The tagging system makes it easy to establish good practices for image enrichment, allowing you to quickly search for any image among thousands of product photos.

Upload, uploader, uploadest

It's lightning-fast to upload new files to Bizzkit DAM. As an example: you could do it through FTP, so your suppliers themselves upload the image material when you get new products. The system automatically enriches new files with relevant metadata and creates all the variants of the image that are needed.

Connected to everything

Bizzkit DAM can easily be tied to everything from your CMS to your PIM system, so that the right images, videos, and files are always delivered to your product pages. Bizzkit DAM is built composable and can be integrated with almost anything, so you can publish across all your channels.


  • What is DAM?

    DAM stands for Digital Asset Management and is a system that helps you store, share, search, edit, organize, and reuse digital assets. That includes images, icons, illustrations, videos, PDFs, infographics and more. The system paves the way for efficient and time-saving workflows and collaboration with digital, visual materials. With a DAM system, you get a shared collection in one, secure place, where finding relevant files is easy and efficient. This means that sharing files inside and outside the company will be easier and faster. Accessing files will also be easier, as colleagues and collaborators will not have to depend on a single contact person to share materials. Another advantage of the DAM system is the consistent use and reuse of the right and latest materials, ensuring brand consistency.
  • When should you have a DAM System?

    All businesses can benefit from a DAM system to easily retrieve and redistribute the right files to the right stakeholders and systems. Perhaps you are currently using a shared drive and are struggling to locate files and finding the latest version of them. You may also experience that your employees spend a lot of time searching for files, not just for internal use, but also on behalf of partners. A lack of structure can result in an inconsistent brand expression, poor quality control and thus delayed time-to-market for products and services, because the processes are too cumbersome.
  • Which files can be used in a DAM system?

    Photos, videos, audio files, documents and other creative file types can be organized in a DAM system.

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