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Your e-commerce co-pilot

BAIA is a powerful AI integrated with Bizzkit. It knows the systems inside out and can help you perform both simple and advanced tasks when managing your e-commerce solution. It gives you access to the world's most helpful colleague and lets you become way more efficient.

Semantic genius

BAIA is based on the latest GPT models putting it in a class of its own in terms of language-based task solving. As a result, things like keyword analysis, content creation and translation have never been easier. BAIA is embedded into Bizzkit and understands the context in which you ask it to complete tasks. It understands your unique data set and business model and can create and execute a plan that's right for you.

How BAIA helps you


Answers all your questions about Bizzkit


Completes tasks for you across systems


Make yourself more efficient with recipes for task completion

The formula for efficiency

If you're tired of cumbersome routine tasks, BAIA is great news. It can memorise all workflows in Bizzkit and turn them into recipes so you can take shortcuts in your operational tasks. This means you can go from using multiple clicks to complete a task to just a few with assistance from AI.

BAIA Recipe

Across Bizzkit

BAIA understands your entire Bizzkit set-up and can work across systems. Your systems are connected and BAIA intuitively understands that. This ensures that when BAIA finds an error, it doesn't just treat the symptom in one system, but resolves the issue in all affected systems.  

What tasks can BAIA complete, for example?

  • Setting up attributes in PIM
  • Generate content for everything from PDPs to blogs
  • Find products with missing categories in your PIM system and resolve the issues for you

Designed for peace of mind

Security is a key design principle for BAIA. Consequently, the information you give BAIA access to never leaves your organisation. BAIA cannot leak data and meets all compliance standards. It can also never go beyond the functions of your role. So, if you don't have permission to edit attributes in the PIM, you can't get BAIA to do it for you.

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