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Join us as a solution partner to create the e-commerce winners of the future.

The future is here

Digital transformation is not simple. Customers get more and more ambitious. The required solution is embedded in complex business processes to gain internal benefits at the same time as being completely customer centric to improve satisfaction and increase sales.

The demand is rising, Bizzkit is the key, and we are here to help you succeed.

Establish strategic partnerships with your customers

On average, customers stay with the Bizzkit platform for 10 years. Our ambitious road map and high flexibility give customers a platform that supports the most ambitious e-commerce goals. Customers and you as a solution partner never get stuck but get the ultimate freedom to design and optimize when business grows and changes.

Join us as a solution partner to create the e-commerce winners of the future

We work with partners

  • Skilled in supporting complex businesses, and integrations in headless platforms.

  • Targeting customers with high level of complexity and ecommerce as a strategic focus.

  • Of medium to large size organizations with strong e-commerce development team.

  • Ambitious and creative thinking to change commerce.

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Partner program

Our partner program is based on our strategy to work with the right customers and the right partners. We will support all partners to achieve ambitious goals, while having a culture focused on customer care and the best people. You will be working with digital transformation based on the most complete e-commerce platform and get access to:

The best product

Bizzkit offers the backbone of your customer solution with PIM, DAM, CMS and Search, as a comprehensive platform that contains robust, well-integrated core products, complete freedom to customise the solution and optimal conditions for an interplay with external technologies.

Bizzkit academy

Access to the Bizzkit Academy, with comprehensive and fully online training programs to enable and increase capabilities of sales and development teams. It provides certification and support, which enables you to sell, advise and develop on Bizzkit, supporting your customers effectively and efficiently.

Sales support

You will have an engaging collaboration with our dedicated partner team. Focus is driving new leads as well as providing commercial and technical support during the sales process ensuring customers get the right information and product demos. Together we pave the way with solutions that help set the market standard.

Reward program

A Reward Program with partner events and yearly recognition based on performance, commitment, engagement, growth, and innovative solutions based on the Bizzkit platform. Our partner program does not contain partner tiers, but we want to award solution partners that use our platform's capabilities to its full.

Partnering with skilled and visionary partners

Bizzkit Partners