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Team up as a solution partner and help create the future of e-commerce.

We build the future of
​​​​​​​e-commerce together

We create better e-commerce. And we would like to do it together with you. We work with the most skilled partners and developers in the industry to create ambitious and scalable e-commerce solutions. Bizzkit is a complex tool for advanced e-commerce solutions. Therefore, we provide comprehensive and easy-to-read documentation for you who want to become familiar with the system.

Establish strategic partnerships

Customers stay on the Bizzkit platform for an average of 10 years. Our constant development and updating of Bizzkit provide a platform that supports the most ambitious e-commerce objectives. Neither the customers nor you as a solution partner ever get stuck, but instead have the ultimate freedom to design and optimize as the business grows and changes. You can always build on Bizzkit.

You become experts in Bizzkit

You get access to Bizzkit Academy, which offers comprehensive training programs, so you can strengthen your development teams and your customers' use of Bizzkit. Bizzkit Academy provides certification and support, which enables you to advise on and develop Bizzkit. There are courses for both developers, users and sellers.

Our partners are

  • Skilled at supporting complex businesses and integrations with 'headless' platforms.

  • Focused on customers with a high degree of complexity and e-commerce as a strategic focus.

  • Medium and large organizations that have a strong development team specialized in e-commerce.
  • Ambitious with a creative mindset that can optimize e-commerce.

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Partner program

We want to work with the right customers and the right partners. We help you reach your goals - no matter how ambitious they are. We value decency highly and have a corporate culture based on skilled people who are always accommodating and helpful. We therefore offer our partners a strong program that gives you:

The best product

Bizzkit is the backbone of your customer solution with PIM, DAM, CMS and Search. It is a strong platform with robust, integrated core products, unlimited freedom to customize the solution and optimal conditions for interaction between internal and external technologies. You can always build on Bizzkit.

Sales support

You will engage in a committed collaboration with our dedicated partner team. They generate new leads and provide commercial and technical support throughout the sales process to ensure that customers get the right information and product demos. Together we pave the way for solutions that help set the standard for good e-commerce.

All the knowledge you need

You get access to both Bizzkit Academy and our extensive documentation. We offer easily accessible knowledge to you whether you need to use Bizzkit, develop in Bizzkit or sell Bizzkit solutions. We constantly maintain our documentation and courses with the latest features and initiatives.

Reward program

A reward program with partner events and annual recognition of partners based on their performance, commitment, dedication, growth and innovative solutions based on the Bizzkit platform. Our partner program does not contain partner layers, but we want to reward the solution partners who make diligent use of all the different opportunities on our platform.

Partnering with skilled and visionary partners

Bizzkit Partners