Accelerate your e-commerce success with best practices.

Get a head start

Creating a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution from scratch is time consuming. Bizzkit Blueprint is a high-performing template that saves +4,000 hours of code writing, allowing you to accelerate your time to market.

Best practices all the way


Built on over 20 years of experience delivering award-winning solutions.


Designed with integrated design system and modern React components.


Ties the ecosystem together securely for your composable setup.

The strongest foundation

Bizzkit Blueprint is the fundamental starting point for e-commerce. Optimized UX gives best-in-class navigation, product listing pages, product detail pages, search bars, shopping carts, checkout flows etc. It gives a solid base, when building the tailor-made solution that fits the needs of your customers.


High-performing solution

Bizzkit Blueprint is the condensation of over 20 years of experience into an accelerator package. It enables partners to build advanced solutions on a composable architecture with best-of-breed components.

​​​​​​​The Explicit Architecture model is tailormade for building composable system architecture, and SonarQube scores its reliability, security and maintainability as A-grade. It is built cloud native to scale and supports both private and public cloud hosting, and modern technologies such as .NET, React, and TypeScript.

Future-proof composable architecture

Blueprint is the optimized e-commerce head that ties the headless composable architecture together. Out of the box, it is integrated with all Bizzkit products and the best technologies in the ecosystem. You get the most modern, seamless, and unified e-commerce solution with the flexibility to optimize for the future.

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