Product Information Management

Centralise complex data and business processes with Bizzkit PIM and increase your digital sales.

Bizzkit PIM. Data helps customers find the right product

Your data helps customers find the right product

The quantity and quality of your data is absolutely critical to optimally serving customers online.
Data affect filters and search results in the webshop, whether customers are actually convinced to add a specific item to their basket and visibility in search engines.

Flexible PIM tailored to your needs

Bizzkit PIM has no fixed attributes or data structures. It is tailored to your specific needs for product structures and business processes.

​​​​​​​There are several options for custom extensions, which can be set up and adapted so that you can be present in all markets and channels effectively with the right data.

Product Information Management (PIM) tailored to your business processes

Product enrichment made easy

PIM is a fundamental system for sales and marketing. Bizzkit simplifies data management with strong integration to other data sources, and a user-friendly and intuitive interface that gives each role access to the data they are responsible for.

Bizzkit PIM - Product enrichment made easy

Features helping you succeed

Filter by attributes​​​​​​​

The advanced filters make it easy to search for products by attributes such as 'Material', 'Publication status', 'Product category', etc. For example, use the filtered search for a time-saving bulk operation that adds an additional attribute or which places items in a new category.


Set up validation rules for products and categories to ensure data quality. The rules can cover both the attributes associated with each product and the values of the attributes.

Easy data import and export​​​​​​​

Bizzkit PIM is built on Microsoft's Technology Stack, making import and export of data to and from the system simple and secure using Excel.​​​​​​​

Master/variant product relationships​​​​​​​

Data is easily adopted by underlying products or levels in the hierarchy, and product initialisers ensure you don't have to start from scratch every time you create a new product.

Mass updates and product bundles​​​​​​​

Search, multi-select and mass update – with Bizzkit PIM, you can optimise your internal workflows to get the right products to customers quickly, across all the channels you're present on.

Multi-channel and multisite management​​​​​​​

Create as many segmentations as you need and use the same product template and central enrichment flow to e.g. add language versions to texts, set local currencies etc. This makes it easier to publish across sales channels.​​​​​​​


You can both customise your product hierarchy and build multiple active hierarchies simultaneously. Scale to a larger product catalogue and to more markets. The product index is updated efficiently, and the speed and user experience are adapted to a vast number of unique storage devices.

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