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Product Information Management

High data quality is crucial when your products ​​​​​​​are to be found over competitors.

Handle huge data quantities efficiently with Bizzkit PIM

Having to handle all of your product data in one place will minimise errors, time will be released and time-to-market is shortened. A PIM system also helps you to:

  • Improve your ranking in the search engines. Purchasers and consumers are often researching online before buying and as a result have to be influenced early in the purchasing process. A high ranking in the search engines is crucial and sufficient product data can contribute.
  • Limit number of returns. Having access to good product descriptions, the customers often buy the right products the first time.
  • Increase additional sale and upselling because the use of automated, personalised product recommendations improves the shopping experience.
PIM is the backbone of an ambitious e-commerce strategy

Bizzkit PIM has become the central focal point for all of Micro Matic’s product data which ensures consistency and increased productivity for the multinational company.

Keep the overview of your product data

The quantity and quality of your data is absolutely critical in order to be able to service the customers optimally online. No matter if it is a question of data for selling within B2B or B2C, Bizzkit PIM provides you with an overview of your product data and the opportunity to configure the system to match your needs perfectly.

When your existing data basis from ERP or other third party systems are retrieved in Bizzkit PIM, you can easily and efficiently enrich, create new products and prepare for final publication of data for the webshop.

Adjust to your needs

The attribute system in Bizzkit PIM is unique since no fields are permanently defined in advance which provides full flexibility – without the need for coding. You control the configuration of the products which means that it is the system that is adjusted to fit your business and not the other way round.


Set up validation rules on products and categories to ensure the data quality. The rules can be about the attributes attached to the individual product or to the values of the attributes. A validation rule can be everything from ‘this attribute always has to be attached to the product' to complex rules on how to fill out attributes and include terms and exceptions which comprise other attributes.

Bizzkit håndterer i dag transaktioner for over 8 mia DKK årligt

Filters on attributes

The sophisticated filters make it easy to find products using attributes such as 'Material', 'Publication status' and 'Product category'. For example, use the filtered search for a time saving bulk operation which adds an extra attribute or place in a new category.

Flexible standard

The PIM is a standard product built on the powerful Microsoft technology stack. In addition to the many value-adding standard features, it is possible to integrate to precisely the third party modules you request via the PIM’s API. Read more about our Ecosystem here

More value-adding features

Multi channel and multisite management

In Bizzkit PIM you can set up as many segmentations you need and use the same product template and the same central enrichment flow in order to language versionize texts, indicate local currency, etc. The multi channel function makes it easy to publish across sales channels.

Easy data import and export

The Bizzkit PIM is built on Microsoft’s Technology Stack and this makes the import and export of data to and from the system easy and safe by means of Excel.

Multi hierarchies

You can customise your product hierarchy and build several active hierarchies at the same time. Bizzkit PIM can scale to an increasingly bigger product catalogue and to several markets. Updating of the product index is efficient and the speed and user experience have been adjusted for a very large number of unique units (SKUs).

I Bizzkit PIM kan I arbejde med ét eller flere produkthierakier

Mass updates and product bundles

Search, multi select and mass update – with Bizzkit PIM you can optimise your internal working procedures allowing you to quickly provide your customers with the right products in all the channels in which you are present.

Master/variant product relations

Data is easily inherited to underlying products or levels in the hierarchy and the product initializers make sure that you do not have to start from scratch every time you set up a new product.

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Bizzkit PIM is included in the market’s most complete e-commerce platform Bizzkit which uniquely contains CMS, DAM, PIM as well as Webshop under one common login and with seamless integrations.


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