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New PIM update ensures easier editing and greater efficiency

We constantly optimise our PIM system so that it meets the challenges our customers experience. We work closely with them to create exactly the features they need the most right now. At the moment, they want to increase the day-to-day efficiency of the system and create a better overview of product data. This has led to two new features that make everyday life simpler for their product- and e-commerce teams: Mass Edit and Job Overview. 

Bizzkit PIM nye opdateringer, der gør det nemmere for dig at arbejde i PIM

Mass Edit – a more efficient way to edit product data

The core of a PIM system is product data. It must therefore be as easy to handle as possible – regardless of whether you need to edit 1 or 100,000 products. Therefore, we have introduced a variety of editing tools adapted to the amount and complexity of data to be edited. We have previously worked on these three levels: 

  • The product level. You can correct each single attribute of a single product.
  • The bulk level. If you have more than one product that all need to have the same values changed at once, you can do this with one of the options in bulk operations.
  • The overall level with export to .csv. Here, you can handle very large data sets and use e.g. Excel to edit your data sets.

Now we have added a fourth option, as our customers requested an option to also be able to edit different product data for a larger group of products. They needed an alternative to bulk operations and export to .csv. We have solved this with Mass Edit. This can be used when you review a category page and need to update product data on e.g. power drills. Some need to have battery capacity information added, others need updated colours and brands. You couldn't do that all at once in the previous editing flows. There, you were more likely to have to update one value at a time. You could update the colour of all the green power drills at once, but you would have to start a new flow to update the colour of the orange ones.Now you can update with different values across a product group. With the Mass Edit function, we have made it much easier to update a larger group of products that need different values changed, meaning you can update both green and orange drills in the same flow. This is the ideal tool when a product category needs to be overhauled.

Job overview – ensures cooperation in PIM

Our PIM supports very complex datasets and large amounts of data. It only becomes more complicated when several users use the system at once. Keeping an overview can quickly become a challenge. That's why we introduced our Job Overview. This ensures an overall overview of activity in the system. You can see the progress of your and your colleagues' various jobs in the system. You can also see if a job was not completed correctly and try again. The Job Overview also stores exported files so that you do not have to export the same data set several times but can find the saved file from the last time you exported. The Job Overview is thus a user-friendliness update that makes it simpler to both work and collaborate in the PIM system because you have a much better shared overview. Ultimately, this creates fertile ground for more and better data in your PIM, which also benefits your customers. ​​​​​​​

Ready for PIM First​​​​​​​

Our updates are about adopting a PIM First mindset. A shift is taking place in the market, where PIM is increasingly becoming a central tool for several different roles in the company. The system must therefore be able to accommodate a much greater degree of collaboration and be as efficient as possible. We are continuously updating Bizzkit PIM in this particular direction so that the system becomes as good a foundation for your business as possible.
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