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- The key to sustainable shopping

Consumers seek greater transparency on sustainability

38% of online consumers think that it is important to shop sustainability in physical shops or online. However, they believe companies lack transparency when it comes to communicating their sustainable initiatives. For companies, this requires a large amount of complex data emerging from many different sources.

Consumers seek greater transparency on sustainability

Detailed product information increases transparency

Sustainability is a broad term, that covers many aspects of your business. To increase transparency, you can add a detailed description on the product page about the sustainable initiatives behind each product:

  • Description of the recycled materials used to produce the product
  • The suppliers´ country of origin including information on the working conditions in the factories and a safe work environment for the employees
  • Information on the amount of water and CO​​​​​​​2 used or saved when producing the products
  • Information on the shipment of the product e.g., if a product is only shipped by sea using container ships so that they reduce air pollution
  • Details about packaging and which materials are eco-friendly
Detailed product information increases transparency

Unlock data challenges with a clever PIM system

A flexible Product Information Management system (PIM) makes it possible for you to work with features which increase the users’ experience of finding it easy to search for and find sustainable products.
It further makes e-commerce companies able to effectively maintain, update and filter their products with sustainable information.

Your PIM contributes to sustainable actions

Your PIM contributes to sustainable actions

  • Ensures correct data throughout the entire supply chain
  • A paperless, dedicated system for all product information
  • Increase transparency
  • Collecting data from different sources
  • Data synchronization
  • Give clear insights to Product Management that aid future development of sustainable products

Consumers are increasingly expecting companies to act in a sustainable and transparent manner and a rich PIM system becomes key when communicating about these efforts. Clear, consistent, and transparent product data about sourced materials, manufacturer information and CO2-footprint can all be configured and enriched in Bizzkit PIM and presented in all the company’s channels.

Make your sustainable initiatives more visible online

There are multiple actions companies can take to make their sustainable initiatives more visible online, so consumers feel they have all the knowledge they need for making sustainable purchasing decisions:

Add icons on products in the PLP that are sustainable

By adding a recognisable icon to products in the PLP that are sustainable, visitors can easily discover which products to choose from if they are either searching or browsing for sustainable products. This can be e.g., products that are made of recycled materials, packaging or has been sustainably produced.

Allow filtering of sustainable products

By being able to use different filters connected to various sustainable initiatives, visitors will be able to choose between different sustainable initiatives e.g., country of origin, sustainable packaging, sustainable production, sustainable garments, produced with recycled materials etc.

Fristads - Creating a green shopping experience

Fristads wanted to make the green choice a more central part of their customers´ shopping experience. They launched Fristads Green Calculator to illustrate how much water and CO​2 customers can save by choosing products from their green collection.

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