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PIM Dashboard
​​​​​​​- Your visual entry to product data

The new PIM dashboard is a user specific entry to the PIM, highlighting areas of interest for the specific user.

Main benefits:

  • Clear overview of the PIM

  • Create your own personal cockpit

  • Easy to locate which products need attention

  • Widget library for visualizing product data in the most optimal way

Your personal cockpit

The dashboard serves as your personal cockpit that you can tailor to highlight areas of interest. The set-up is fully flexible making it easy to combine widgets and build and update your own personal dashboard. Building your own dashboard is user-friendly and allows you to easily add any widget of relevance which can be populated by PIM data.

Fast speed from insight to action

View your product data from a new angle with Bizzkit PIM dashboard. Gain an easy overview of which products needs attention and minimize time from insight to action. This allows you to streamline your internal workflows and easily check-up on relevant widgets during the day.  

How it works

  • Create filters in your PIM system

  • Visit the Dashboard overview and choose the relevant widget

  • Choose the filter created in the PIM and it will now be shown as a widget

  • Move the widget around the dashboard and create your own personal cockpit

  • Add new widgets and re-design your dashboard along the way

Want to know more about Bizzkit PIM?

Bizzkit PIM helps you manage and organize large amount of complex data. Keep track of your product data, streamline your workflows, and gain a valuable competitive advantage.​​​​​​​

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