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Unlock AI’s Potential in
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Bizzkit upgrades with AI Assistance.
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AI has had immense potential for long, but now it's becoming tangible. We're launching Bizzkit AI Assistant (BAIA) across our systems. This adds an entirely new dimension to your everyday in Bizzkit, making AI a fundamental part of your workflow. You'll save time on cumbersome repetitive tasks and gain an extra colleague who’s always ready to assist you.

What do I gain from the event?

  • Inspiration to save time on repetitive operational tasks
  • Knowledge on how Generative AI can be used in e-commerce
  • Insight into an entirely new AI product
  • Concrete AI tips you can apply immediately


  • Meet BAIA
  • What's new?
  • DEMO
  • How AI makes you more efficient
  • Q&A

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Dennis Konrad

Lene D. Madsen
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Dennis Konrad

Mikkel Busch
Senior Solution Architect
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