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We welcome Nordic Web Team
as ​​​​​​​new Solution Partner

Nordic Web Team has more than 10 years of experience in development, innovation, and integration across the entire e-commerce ecosystem. They are skilled at working with headless platforms and support customers with complex solutions and business processes. Combining our knowledge and experience with e-commerce allow us to transform the digital landscape and approach customers with a complex and advanced solution. We at Bizzkit look forward to offering our solutions and knowledge as a new partner.

In a fast-moving landscape, we are focused on a composable and best of breed setup. Nordic Web Team is happy to partner with Bizzkit as it fits well in our go to market strategy towards advanced B2C and B2B companies.

About Nordic Web Team

At Bizzkit we are very happy to be entering into a new partnership together with Nordic Web Team. Nordic Web Team contributes with solid experience in e-commerce, which enables us to create great value together for companies that want to invest in their digital channels for the future

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