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Content Paradigm Shift

The future of e-commerce CMS is just around the corner.
Watch the release event on-demand.

E-commerce was completely transformed when it went headless. Now, we're on the way to the next stage of content management.

We're almost ready to unveil how the new Bizzkit CMS is going to revolutionize the way you work with e-commerce.

So, watch our virtual release and find out what's changing in the world of content and the benefits you'll gain from it.

What benefits will I get with the new CMS?

  • It will be faster and easier to create content than ever before.

  • A vast Bizzkit library of e-commerce templates.

  • A more agile and future-proof CMS.

  • Much more that we will reveal at the release event.

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Dennis Konrad

Lene D. Madsen
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Dennis Konrad

Dennis Konrad
Head of Marketing
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