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Giant beauty retailer accelerates growth with new e-commerce platform

Bangerhead wants to be the number one beauty experience and has chosen Bizzkit as an
e-commerce platform with SQLI Nordics as an implementation partner to take them to the next level.

Bangerhead wants to take beauty to the next level with their new e-commerce solution. The goal is to become the best beauty and cosmetics retailer across Europe - already with a strong digital presence in seven different countries. The company has expanded rapidly and more than doubled their 400+ million SEK revenue since 2019.  And with great ambitions comes the requirement for matching technology.


«We want to be the number one beauty experience, delivering a best-in-class customer experience with the best beauty assortment. For us, user experience is everything. Better user experience equals higher conversion rates and more repeated purchases.
We want lightning speeds for our customers, rapid and easy development, improved functionality with best-in-class recommendations and search».
Marc Palmefjord, CEO, Bangerhead

«We chose Bizzkit as our platform for its unparalleled flexibility and scalability, which aligns perfectly with our growth trajectory. Our decision was guided by the need for a more robust, scalable, and user-friendly e-commerce solution.
The transition to Bizzkit is a strategic move to elevate our customer experience. It enables us to move faster, be more relevant in our product offering for our customers, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately driving our brand's growth».
Henrik Enström, Head of Product, Bangerhead

Bangerhead products

«We are looking forward to being a part of this journey and scale the business together! By taking Bangerhead to the next level of IT Infrastructure they will be able to achieve their high goals of growth, both in a short- and long-term perspective.
Working together, the three of us, in building the future e-commerce for Bangerhead will be a success story».
Eric Håård, Head of Sales Sweden, Bizzkit

In competent hands

Switching e-commerce platforms can be a delicate maneuver but Bangerhead is in safe hands. Bizzkit will implement the solution together with the top digital experience agency SQLI. They have an impressive track record with implementing large and complex solutions for customers such as Tele2, Carlsberg, Afound and Nespresso. SQLI Nordics houses experienced developers with a hands-on e-commerce knowledge, which will ensure that the solution is effective from the get-go.

«Taking on a project like this is just perfect for us. With Bangerhead, we are approaching an already established and growing brand with a loyal customer base expecting the best in design and usability. Fulfilling their expectations is a fantastic opportunity and challenge for us together with Bizzkit!».
Niclas Rudolfsson, Strategy Director, SQLI Nordics

Bangerhead store

Know the company

Bangerhead was founded in 2008 starting as a Swedish hair care retailer but has since expanded to a complete beauty universe with more than 30.000 products across categories such as skincare, make-up and fragrance. They are currently present on seven different European markets and plan to expand even further in the coming years. They had a revenue of 414 million SEK in 2022 and made an ebitda-result of 5.9 Million SEK.

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