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The top results drive the most traffic and conversions. That's how it is on Google. And that’s how it is in the search results and on the PLPs (product listing pages) of your online shop. Therefore, it's essential that the top results are also the most valuable to you. But how do you ensure that the right products make it to the top?

Improve your merchandising with GA4

First and foremost, it is a matter of drawing on the best possible data, and the figures from the fourth generation of Google Analytics constitute one such really strong data set. Data from Google Analytics is the gold standard when it comes to Wisdom of the Crowd: the average of thousands of people's preferences. Therefore, this is now fully implemented in the Bizzkit  search and merchandising tool Ecommerce Search. This gives you qualified input and can help you react quickly to new trends and seasonal items. Data from Google Analytics helps you ensure that the products on your listings are as relevant to your customers as possible – but this is not the only important data...

Opdateret filter i Bizzkit PIM, der gør hverdagen nemmere for dig

Is Wisdom of the Crowd enough?

Google data is great for well-known products, but what happens when a brand new product hits the shelves and you don't have data on it yet? If you do not have the ability to influence the ranking, it goes to the bottom of your category pages. You can influence its position, however, by supplementing with other data or by being able to pin the product to specific positions. You may also want to list e.g. your private label products at the top, as you have a higher margin on them than products you sell for others.

Full control of your merchandising

When using Bizzkit Ecommerce Search, you can decide exactly what influence various data should have on the sorting of your product lists. Google Analytics can form part of your sorting algorithm, but you can also weight your own data from, for example, loyalty clubs. You can also avoid disappointing customers by drawing on inventory data so that products with backorders or long lead times are not at the top of lists. Last but not least, it is easy to pin a product's ranking, ignoring the sorting algorithm so it is always at the top.

You can create relevance for customers and encourage the purchase of products by customising and optimising the sorting of your category pages and search lists with Bizzkit Ecommerce Search. 

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