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We welcome CoreChange as
​​​​​​​new Bizzkit Solution Partner

CoreChange is Management and Digital Change consultants for some of the largest companies in Sweden. With a great track record of implementing improved customer experiences and underlying processes in ERP systems, they are now excelling their skills within e-commerce, and we at Bizzkit look forward to offering our solutions and knowledge as a new partner.

We are growing our e-commerce skills in 2022 to offer customers full solutions. Future-proof e-commerce is based on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) and Bizzkit is the obvious platform partner for this. We look forward to both design and implement successful and scalable e-commerce.

About CoreChange

We look forward to work with CoreChange. With their progressive minds and understanding of e-commerce and ERP systems, we are certain that they will mix technology and customer journeys to unique, integrated, and customized e-commerce, always with customer experience in focus.

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