Avoid 3 of the biggest omnichannel pitfalls

Omnichannel is a large and complex setup. This means that it is easy to overlook important details and make mistakes that can have significant costs. We have seen some of these mistakes happen and learned from them, so you don't have to make them.

1.    One business with many channels

Customers no longer distinguish between online and offline. They perceive your store as a whole - no matter where they shop. This means that they expect one point of contact for customer service, for example, regardless of whether the product is purchased in a physical store or on a webshop. It will only result in negative feedback and angry customers if a customer who writes an email to the web shop is rejected and asked to show up in a local store instead.

Easy to understand for customers

This logic should apply across your entire business. Gift cards should work both in-store and online. You should be able to collect bonus points for the loyalty program in both places. Discount coupons and offers should apply everywhere. It is the only thing that makes sense to customers. And it is what creates the frictionless experience that gets customers to shop with you across channels.

2.    Happy employees

Working with omnichannel can be a major change for your staff, if you do not have a plan to get the store employees involved. The online business can easily be seen as a competitor that the employees do not want to support. This is especially dependent on how you handle metrics and attribute sales. Does the turnover from an omni-sale in the store go to the online shop or to the individual store?

Find the right incentives

It is important to create clear incentive structures that make it attractive for employees in the store to support your omnichannel initiatives. It's about creating employees who are enthusiastic about the omnichannel strategy and see the webshop as something that gives them more opportunities to provide better service. If the employees can see the value of the solution, they will become ambassadors for it in no time.

3.    Take control of your data

A small green label with the words "In stock" can get customers to start their car and drive directly to your store. It is guaranteed purchase-ready behavior that easily nets you a sale. Therefore, the item must be in stock when the customer arrives. Otherwise, it quickly turns into great frustration and a customer who feels you are not in control. Inventory status can be extremely crucial when customers decide where to place their purchase. Therefore, it must be correct. Not only because customers should not risk driving in vain, but also because it is the foundation for e.g. click & collect.

Get customers to click and collect

Click & collect is one of the most widespread omnichannel initiatives. And for good reason. It ensures high conversion rates, provides good opportunities for additional sales and is convenient for the customer. At the same time, it provides internal business benefits such as decentralized warehouses and lower shipping costs. It can even be positive for your climate emissions because it shortens shipping distances. However, click & collect requires a surefire way to manage and monitor your stock otherwise you cannot reap the benefits of this excellent feature.

Much more omnichannel

Omnichannel is a huge topic, so there is much more to dive into. You can do this by downloading our large recipe for creating the perfect omnichannel experience.
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