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Revolutionary Visual Headless CMS a Game-changer
​​​​​​​for E-commerce

We have unveiled a revolutionizing content management system powered by, taking headless e-commerce to the next level.

Today, e-commerce professionals can breathe easier: Marketers, designers and developers alike can look forward to a simpler, more productive future with the new Bizzkit CMS powered by The CMS combines the scalability and flexibility of headless technology with uncompromising user-friendliness and collaborative possibilities, making content generation and campaign development for e-commerce much faster and simpler.

The launch today is a pillar of a new strategic partnership with U.S.-based CMS provider, which has seen tremendous growth in its home market in the last few years.      

”It has been two years, since we at Bizzkit first envisioned a more agile and user-friendly CMS and with all the benefits of a headless approach intact. Along the way, we found Builder’s toolkit and saw it as a core component for handling structured data in a more efficient way for our customers, so in the name of best-of-breed, we entered a strategic partnership, and added the layers that transformed Builder’s foundation into Bizzkit CMS.”

Lene Damgaard Madsen, Chief Product Officer, Bizzkit

A new way to build

Bizzkit leverages to create a CMS tailored specifically for customers in the Nordic e-commerce ecosystem. Builder’s CMS technology is already fully integrated into Bizzkit Commerce Cloud and works with all products in the Bizzkit solution through single sign-on, providing a single entry point to a comprehensive e-commerce solution.

“Shifting to a headless architecture is the right move for many Nordic ecommerce companies. But, to do it quickly and efficiently, it often requires an evolved set of expertise and technology in ecommerce and content management. Bizzkit has embedded its experience into the Builder CMS to set teams on a starting line that’s far ahead of what they would get elsewhere. Ultimately, it’s helping teams significantly speed up their time to market for high-performance commerce experiences while setting them up for scalability in the long run.”

Julia Shkrabova, Head of Partnerships and Strategy,

The Bizzkit/ partnership was finalized six months ago. Since then, all integrations and e-commerce features have been prepared and built, and the first solutions based on Bizzkit CMS powered by are in development.

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