Delta Unit: Pioneers on the digital frontier

How do you adapt to new tech and turn it into working prototypes?
​​​​​​​An interview with some of the bright brains behind Bizzkit.

At Bizzkit we are curious. We want to explore every new technological possibility that can make our solutions better. That’s why we created a team wholly dedicated to discovery, prototyping and making new proof of concepts: Delta Unit. They make a lot of the brand new and exciting stuff in the Bizzkit products, so we wanted to ask them what makes their unit and processes special.

At the forefront of development

Delta Unit dives into new technologies and tries to come up with working solutions that will improve our current framework. Currently they are researching and testing generative AI, Cloud services and a lot more. We wanted to know what motivated them to wander into the unknown. So, we asked them what the driving factor in their work was?  

“Experimenting with new technologies was always my passion and the Delta Unit allows me to do exactly that. Working with a bleeding edge technology, prototyping and creating new products or features is what makes the work with the team interesting and exciting.”

Delta Unit works differently from our other development teams. They have a greater degree of freedom to explore and research new technologies.

“The main difference is that most of our projects starts up as ideas and wishes rather than well planned step by step projects. And our development goes a bit faster since we are prototyping, and things change a lot before we start shaping a production ready code. We have a different focus on delivering proof of concept which is faster paced and not limited by slow processes”.

Supporting innovation

The freedom to experiment comes up often in the interviews and it’s clear that the developers enjoy the unrestricted experimentation. But the team doesn’t just experiment for the sake of it. They are constantly adding real value to the core products.

“The unit provides a way to explore new methods for doing things and insights into new technologies without disrupting our product teams. We can continuously aid Bizzkit in its development. For example, the Docker setup helps developers, QA, UX, Academy and partners easily setting up a Bizzkit environment.”

Taming artificial intelligence

Delta Units primary testing ground right now is in the field of AI. The unit researches the opportunities unlocked by the new generative AI models. Some of these solutions are already embedded in Bizzkit, such as the function to automatically generate product descriptions in the PIM. But they are constantly developing more use cases.  

“The AI project is exciting because it’s a new thing that everyone talks about, and it develops fast. Also, it’s interesting to test its boundaries and seeing how well it can adapt. It will help customers do more with fewer people. It will also be an excellent guide for newcomers to the products.”

We are curious to see what new marvels Delta Unit will come up with. And so are our customers who are always excited about the constant improvements across our products.

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