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Platform releases

Bizzkit’s Chewy platform release is made up of several small but tasty bites all of which contribute to better performance and higher efficiency. Besides, you get inspiration to work with intelligent user guidance.
Bizzkit's Tasty platform release offers new features for both PIM, DAM and CMS. For example, an Excel Connector, which will in particular delight spreadsheet enthusiasts, and an automatic image transformation making it easier to use Google Shopping Feed.
What are ‘Calculated attributes’, ‘Fetch loaded content’, ‘Linkable rows’ and ‘Internal articles’? And how can these new features make your daily work procedures even more efficient and optimise the experience for your customers? Read more about the Spicy Bizzkit platform release.
New CMS-features for working with Video Content - currently one of the most effective marketing tools - and new smooth bulk operations in the PIM-system are just some of the highlights included in the Crispy Bizzkit platform release.
With the increasing importance of the mobile phone and Google´s Mobile First indexing, your webshop´s design, structure and content have to be based on mobile display. Bizzkit is therefore launching a platform release in January 2019 which offers our customers a CMS where it has become even easier to work with Mobile First.
Bizzkit has released the 3rd quarter platform release under the headline 'performance'. Read about how and why especially CMS and DAM have been optimised for an even easier and faster workflow.

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