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In December 2018, the EU introduced rules prohibiting unjustified geo-blocking. Madeleine Kristoferson from the law firm Delphi explains the rules.
Bizzkit has asked 1000 Danish, 1000 Norwegian and 1000 Swedish consumers about their knowledge of, attitudes towards and behavior in relation to e-commerce and sustainability. In this free whitepaper you kan delve into the numbers and get tips on how e-sellers can help the consumers to shop more sustainably.
Partner and Attorney at Delphi, Agnes Hammarstrand, goes through some common mistakes and what to consider from a legal perspective before launching an e-commerce business internationally.
The EU's Digital Single Market Project – what does it mean? The lawyers Agnes Hammerstrand and Marielle Eide-Westholm explain the new consumer rules
What is required of you and your e-commerce solution, if you want to exploit the business potential outside your national borders? Download Bizzkit's whitepaper and gain insights and specific tips before you cross the borders.
Learn from Pixel, SEO-specialist and Bizzkit-partner, how to use SEO when entering new markets and read about Footway who increased visibility by 451%.

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