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7 August 2019

Platform ­release

With Bizzkit’s Spicy platform release you get helpful new CMS and PIM tools that will make your daily work procedures even more efficient and optimise your customers’ experiences.

Bizzkit Product Information
Management System

PIM 11.1.0

Advanced calculations

Minimise errors. Improve data hygiene. Combine multiple attribute values intelligently. There are many advantages with the new function Calculated attributes.

With this function you can combine values from several attributes with the help of +, -, *, /, % (modulo) and ^ (exponentiation), and calculate the average, total, counter, min. and max.

It is also possible to use different types of data in the same formula, e.g. decimal and integer, and combine formulas with combinations of text strings. It is even possible to express anticipated results, such as true/false statements, for example to see whether a product includes the expected data or how many characters a description field contains.

You can search for Calculated attributes using the filter search​​.

In Bizzkit PIM you can work with advanced calculations

Bizzkit Content Management System

CMS 14.02-16.0.0

Faster load time despite increased content

Bizzkit can see that many of our customers work with an increasing amount of content and content blocks. These are often constructed using rich media and result in longer and heavier pages, conditions that affect response and load times for the pages.

That is why we present a new feature that allows you to link pages and rows together natively thereby breaking down large pages into smaller chunks. Combined with an API connection you will experience an improved speed of the heavy content pages - a feature called Fetch loaded content.​​​​​​​

Når forbrugerne handler online forventes hurtig loadtid
Update standard texts one place and it will spread out anywhere on the site with Bizzkit's feature 'Linkable rows'

Update one place and spread the message across different content

Another new feature is ‘Linkable rows’ (also known as ‘reference content’). Now, when working with specific content, you only need to edit it in one place and it will update automatically everywhere else on the site where this content appears.

This is an effective and time-saving way of working when you are designing contact boxes, standard texts, call-to-action, 'the small print', etc., which are reused in many places on your site. It also minimises the risk of errors and makes it easier to see ‘the big picture’.

Work ‘undercover’

Internal article is a new feature that gives users the opportunity to create and publish content that is not accessible via a URL.

Internal article is used when you work with ‘Linkable rows’ (see above), but is also extremely useful should you wish to share content internally between several content managers without the risk of being indexed and seen by online visitors.

When you are ready to continue with your content, all you have to do is remove the setting in the page settings.

Bizzkit CMS includes the Internal article feature

Are you interested in hearing more about the Bizzkit platform, the latest release or the future roadmap?

Please contact CEO, Lars Hedal, at
tel. +45 40 25 50 83 or email: hedal@bizzkit.com


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