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17 January 2019

Platform release

Fourth quarter 2018 – ‘Mobile First’

If you want to ensure your users the best experience of your webshop, responsive display of a desktop design is no longer enough. With the increasing importance of the mobile phone and Google’s Mobile First indexing, your webshop's design, structure and content have to be based on mobile display. With the platform release in January 2019 Bizzkit now offers our customers a CMS where it has become even easier to work with Mobile First.

Bizzkit has optimized CMS so it has become easier to work with Mobile First

The mobile phone follows us everywhere

Today, we make more searches from mobile devices than from computers and this is a number which keeps increasing. As a result, it is essential to design a webshop that allows the mobile users to have a good experience and not lack important content, find it difficult to click on, unable to find the menu or similar.

This is also a development which has led Google to take the consequences as the company started to roll out its Mobile First indexing during 2018. An indexing which means that where Google’s search algorithm used to focus on analysis of desktop websites, the search algorithm is now primarily using the mobile version of the websites’ content to rank the pages in the search results.

And since Google has a predominant market share of more than 90%, it is crucial that a webshop is designed to comply with Google’s algorithms – namely that the structure is based on Mobile First.

Better overview with ‘custom breakpoints’

One of the new features in Bizzkit CMS is custom breakpoints – a feature with the option of customer specific preview sizes and which thus guides and creates a unique overview when pages have to be designed and adjusted.

Custom breakpoints provide optimal conditions to create a high level of user-friendliness because the experience can be adjusted to your webshop to precisely the devices and screen sizes which your customers use most.

Bizzkit CMS is upgraded with custom breakpoints, making it easier to design pages in relation to device and screen size

The WYSIWYG principle (What You See Is What You Get), on which Bizzkit CMS is based, has of course been extended with the new custom breakpoints, for example, with the option of hiding content blocks of selected devices.

In back-end it is possible to choose which view to work in and continuously switch between the different views. But where the mobile view so far has been only partially editable, this release now provides the option of full editing in mobile view.

More improvements

The Q4 release also offers several other improvements such as:

  • Easier implementation of Noindex, which is used when you want to tell Google not to index a certain page, and Nofollow, which is used when you want to tell Google not to follow links from your website.
  • Optimisation of the CMS infrastructure which makes room for the new technologies which are constantly developed and accrue to the e-commerce industry.

Are you interested in hearing more about the Bizzkit platform, the latest release or the future roadmap?

Please contact CEO, Lars Hedal, at
tel. +45 40 25 50 83 or email: hedal@bizzkit.com


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