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4. November 2019

Platform release

Sink your teeth into Bizzkit’s Tasty platform release that can brighten your daily processes when working in PIM, DAM and CMS.

Bizzkit Digital Asset
Management System

DAM 16.1.0

Picture transformation to Google Shopping Feed

Google has approx. 5.4 billion daily searches. On average, a person makes 3-4 searches every single day. More than 35% of all product searches start in Google. As a result, it makes good sense that more and more e-commerce companies increasingly use Google Shopping Feed as an addition to their webshops.

One of the most important elements to ensure high conversion from Google Shopping Feed is the use of good pictures. Google recommends the use of simple, clipped photos which of course need to have the correct format and the correct resolution. To satisfy the requirements for photos from Google Shopping Feed, we have added a new function allowing the Bizzkit DAM system to transform a picture file to match the specific dimensions while maintaining the format of the picture.

In this way, your work procedures are simplified and visually optimal views in Google Shopping Feed are ensured.

Bizzkit DAM transformerer automatisk fotos, så de er tilpasset Google Shopping Feed

Bizzkit Product Information
Management System

PIM 14.1.0

Report configuration and Excel connector

The Bizzkit PIM contains many features which support mass updates of data from the system itself. However, we are not blind to the fact that a lot of companies use spreadsheets in their daily workflow and with approx. 800 million users worldwide, Microsoft Excel is indisputable market leading.In case of a need to export data out of the PIM, to process these in Excel and to reload the updated version in PIM,

Bizzkit is now supporting this work process via an Excel connector. With this new feature, it is also possible to create new products (e.g. new regular collections) in Excel, data enrich and import data to PIM after which they are basically ready for publication. Just like the setup of repetitive report retrievals is possible.A user-friendly interface between PIM and the Excel connector ensures intuitive work procedures when data is to be selected and reports configured.

With the Excel Connector for Bizzkit PIM it is easy to search and export data for Excel.

It is easy to create regular reports for Excel in the Bizzkit PIM.

Bizzkit Content Management System

CMS 16.0.3

Customer Data Platform (CDP)​​​​​​​

Bizzkit is closely involved in the development of Raptor Services’s new Customer Data Platform which collects customer data across sources and makes it possible to work even more efficiently with personalisation.

The close cooperation ensures an easy integration between the CDP and the Bizzkit platform as well as a high level of user-friendliness.

Read the article about the cooperation and the CDP HERE.

Are you interested in hearing more about the Bizzkit platform, the latest release or the future roadmap?

Please contact CEO, Lars Hedal, at
tel. +45 40 25 50 83 or email: hedal@bizzkit.com


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