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Boost your ecommerce success
​​​​​​​in multiple markets

Gabriella Gall from Pixel Nordic, who is a Bizzkit partner

Guest blogger:

Gabriella Gall
Partner and CMO at Pixel Nordic
SEO-agency and Bizzkit-partner

A case study about SEO from a
platform perspective

Bizzkit-partner Pixel explains how to boost your ecommerce in multiple markets

Are you facing global market expansion during 2019? If yes, then you will most likely undertake expenditures to augment return on investment. A high priority should be defining and launching an overall channel strategy for traffic procurement and soliciting natural link growth. Traffic acquisition in general, specifically from SEO, is crucial when expanding to new markets.

One key element to consider when expanding international through organic growth is local brand recognition. Knowing which strategy should be used to successfully gain market share through local brand recognition, and what results can be expected, are important questions.  

Enhanced organic link acquisition and understanding your local markets’ search behaviour are two vital aspects to consider when entering new markets. Nevertheless, you need to first identify an e-commerce platform with the essential requirements from an SEO perspective. In this case study, we will focus on the latter.

SEO-experts’ 4 key actions to boost your
​​​​​​​e-commerce internationalization

Ensure your e-commerce platform supports different URLs: /dk/ /sv/ /en/ etc. or supports multiple domains on the same platform (.dk .se .com etc). In order to offer unique landing pages in each language, your e-commerce platform should support different local language versions. You can work with language specific templates to be efficient. It is crucial to have unique content in the correct language when positioning your brand in the organic local search result page. Additionally, you might want to define limitations to each market and connect parts of the assortment to certain geographical markets. Your e-commerce platform needs to support a multilingual setup, such as the implementation of hreflang-tags.

In order to achieve local ranking, you need specific content with a local SEO setup in terms of unique content, categories, title, URL  and meta descriptions. For example, one of the most crucial steps is overlooked when selecting your e-commerce platform. This is the database and backend-level support that you would want to leverage in order to determine each URL on multiple languages (for example /toys/ for the English market, /legetøj/ for the Danish market and /leksak/ for the Swedish market).

In order to reach global organic success, you need to define and implement a global link acquisition strategy to gain strong links in each country. The goal is to create local brand awareness and drive profitable, organic traffic from each target market. One approach to gain strong local links is to execute an outreach strategy where you target different local companies, organisations and publishers and create great content to encourage the publisher to write, reference and obviously put a link to your site.

When expanding to international markets, the platform techniques are required to handle transactional data in terms of different payment methods and currencies, but also different shipping methods and VATs. Lack of a variety of payment methods highly affect unwanted chart drop-out.

Case study with Footway

- a long term global SEO-strategy to
​​​​​​​increase visibility and revenue

Footway was founded with the vision to offer shoe lovers the best customer experience online.  

Pixel Nordic AB initially helped Footway with SEO when they had just launched their new site in Sweden and had lost a great deal of their traffic. Footway needed help to increase visibility on Google and increase traffic to their new site. The positive effect of the local SEO work resulted in SEO becoming an important role in Footway’s overall go-to-market strategy when launching in ten new markets.  

The company realized SEO was vital in optimizing the customer’s online experience, as well as a critical means to recruiting the right traffic to the site. Pixel put together a team that would better understand the target audience, offered products, goals and budget.

Footway is a Pixel case study of a long-term global SEO-strategy

The collaboration between Pixel Nordic AB and Footway resulted in the following:

A deep technical analysis of critical improvements to the Swedish site, which resulted in a priority list of necessary improvements to the site’s ranking. The ranking had dropped when Footway launched a new site in Sweden on their own initiative. The same analysis was done when entering new markets.

Parallel with the technical work, a comprehensive content strategy was implemented. This resulted in an update of 20 000 plus pages with unique SEO content, in eleven languages. The third aspect was to continuously work on getting qualitative and strong links in all eleven countries. Finally, consistent analysis of the measures taken secured a proven, and long-term ranking on relevant keywords for Footway.  

The goal of the Footway – Pixel collaboration was to implement a long-term global SEO-strategy to increase visibility and revenue.

The collaboration between Pixel and Footway has resulted in:

  • Curating better content (Over 20 0000 pages with unique SEO content has been set up in eleven different languages).
  • Improving the customer’s experience
  • Increasing visibility by 451%
  • Increasing revenue by 167%

Footway’s expansion outside the Nordic countries has contributed to significant growth in 2018. Sales outside the Nordic countries accounts for almost a third of the company’s total sales growth.

Footway is currently present in eleven countries.

About Pixel Nordic

Pixel Nordic is a fast-growing SEO-agency founded by four SEO-specialists with the ambition to create long time value and create organic growth.Among Pixel Nordic's clients, you will find companies spanning industries such as e-com, tech, ed-tech, finance, fashion,construction, and healthcare. You can read our cases with Footway, Capcito, Partyking, KRY and many more.


We take great pride in our ability to create affective, local SEO solutions through understanding the location specific needs of your customer – a critical component of successfully expanding into new markets. As a matter of ethical choice, we refrain from working on projects within the casino segment.


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