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Increases conversion rate by 150%

Personalisation improves online sales.

Personalisation increases online sales

By improving the recommendation of relevant products in the webshop to its customers and by making emails personal, Scandinavia’s largest chain within curvy fashion, Zizzi, has improved its online performance considerably on several parameters – e.g. an increased conversion rate of an impressive 150%. The technology behind it is called Raptor and is a regular collaborator in Bizzkit’s ecosystem.

Data mining, sophisticated algorithms and machine learning sounds complicated but today the Raptor technology is a standard product which is easily and cheaply implemented in the Bizzkit e-commerce platform via the new jointly developed Bizzkit Raptor module and is subsequently adjusted to the individual company’s needs using a minimum of development hours.

Personalisering booster onlinesalget

Lars Hedal, Managing Director of Bizzkit

“When you have a huge product selection, personalisation is evident and the return on investments shows almost immediately. For large webshops, personalisation is just as important as optimisation for mobile use. When you increase the relevance of your content and product selection, you will always experience an increase in your sales.”

Personalisering er webshoppens bedste sælger

Personalisation is the webshop’s best seller

The experience of feeling important and receiving relevant product offers is guaranteed by Zizzi’s competent staff in the physical shops. The Raptor-Bizzkit cooperation ensures the same experience when the customers shop online.

Using Raptor’s technologies, data about each individual customer is collected, recognised and processed. The processed data provides an understanding of the customer’s behaviour which makes it possible to create individual customer profiles down to a 1:1 scale. In this way, offers, news and product suggestions can be targeted at the customers personally.

In addition to an increased conversion rate of 150%, the personal and optimised shopping experience has resulted in a 28% larger basket size and a ROI of 40% for Zizzi. Powerful results that emphasise the importance of using personalisation continuously.

See the video in which Zizzi and Bizzkit share the experiences from the use of the Raptor technology

A close partnership

For several years, Raptor Services A/S has been a regular collaborator in Bizzkit's ecosystem. An ecosystem which ensures that Bizzkit’s customers always use the latest technology on the market without losing the benefits of working with a single platform.

Raptor and Bizzkit are both companies profoundly based on commerce and focused on creating visible results for the customers. They have succeeded by having a close cooperation in which the companies are constantly exchanging experiences, knowhow and ideas.

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Are you interested in hearing more about how you personalise the shopping experience and boost your online sales?    

Please contact CEO, Lars Hedal, at
tel. +45 40 25 50 83 or email: hedal@bizzkit.com


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