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30 August 2018

E-commerce platform gets new name

– and international partner channel is off to a flying start.

Press release:

For more than 16 years, Hesehus, one of Denmark's largest e-commerce houses with more than 100 employees, has developed its own e-commerce platform based on solid standard technology from Microsoft on which more than 100 large Danish and Scandinavian companies base their e-commerce solutions today. Now the platform is ready to be sent outside Denmark. Under the name Bizzkit, the first step in the company's internationalisation process has been taken across Oresund and the first partner agreements have already been entered.

First partner agreement entered

‘Experience, innovation and a constant belief in our own product means that today we have a complete and future-oriented e-commerce platform which is ready to be placed in the hands of competent partners who will help us ensure even more successful e-commerce solutions for companies outside Denmark', says founder and CEO of Hesehus, Lars Hedal.

Initially, Hesehus is interested in Sweden as a new market. A market which is mature within e-commerce having more than 66% of all adult Internet users shopping online in 2017 but where the company is convinced that there is still a lot of untapped potential.

‘Before the summer, we engaged a Swedish country manager and opened an office in Gothenburg. An effort which has already been successful as we have entered into two exiting partnerships’, says Lars Hedal. ‘We are looking forward to acquiring more Swedish-based customers together with our new partner and we are also excited about the competent feedback such a partner channel can provide in the further development of our platform’.

The difficult naming process

’Hesehus doesn’t sound quite right when pronounced in English or French, does it?', asks Lars Hedal. ‘So we have been thinking about a new name for our platform. It has been an interesting process and we have decided on a very good name that tells the story about what our platform offers'.

Lars Hedal explains the background to the Bizzkit name (pronounced biscuit): ‘Just like a biscuit is baked on a solid basic recipe based on good raw materials and experience and may have flavours added if needed, out platform is also based on solid standard technology from Microsoft and is at the same time flexible, allowing us to always comply with the wishes and needs of the individual customers and satisfy their expectations for the ultimate e-commerce solution.

More information is available from:

Lars Hedal
tlf. +45 40 25 50 83

Patrick Swedén
Country Manager, Sweden
tlf. +46 702 267 832

About Hesehus: Hesehus was founded in 2002 and is today one of Denmark’s leading e-commerce houses which designs and develops strategic and ambitious e-commerce solutions for customers such as Matas, BabySam, Wupti Marketplace and Stof & Stil. The company employs more than 100 employees, has obtained 15 top positions in the competition for the E-Commerce Prize and has three times been appointed best digital agency for making results for their customers.


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