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3 October 2018

Search engine optimization

Meet us at SearchStars SEO conference in Malmö on 9 October ´18.

SEO made simple

90% of all users make use of a search engine such as Google when searching for information or making a purchase online. And 85% of the users find what they need on page 1. Search engine optimization is therefore still very important in the marketing of your webshop.

Fortunately, SEO does not have to be a complex, technical operation. Bizzkit CMS offers editors a number of integrated, user-friendly tools for the technical optimization and when they are used consistently, the search engines provide the best conditions for reading, understanding and indexing your content.

Among the tools for technical SEO, Bizzkit is offering CMS, e.g.:

SEO is an important tool when marketing your webshop
Bizzkit CMS has a number of built-in, user-friendly tools for SEO

Automation of re-directs which ensures that the site does not contain any dead links.

Unique page titles and meta descriptions. Good page titles ensure good search engine locations and since both page title and meta description are displayed in the search result, these two in combination will determine whether it is your or your competitor's page that is clicked.

Hreflang links which indicate that it is necessary to differentiate between the same content across languages and thus remove duplicate content.

For example, if you show the same product under three different categories in your webshop, you can use Canonical Links to show Google which content page is the mother page and thereby remove duplicate content.

Using ALT attributes you can communicate the content of your pictures.

In addition to the technical SEO, you should, of course, also be working with search word analyses, copywriting, good user experiences, publicity and links pointing to your site.

SearchStars 2018

You can meet Bizzkit at Sweden’s largest SEARCH conference and hear much more about search engine optimisation when experts, users and providers meet for a day filled with inspiration, knowledge, news and networking.

Where: Malmö, Sweden

When: 9 Oct. 2018 at 8.30-16.30

You are not participating in SearchStars but want to know more about the Bizzkit platform and SEO?

Please contact CEO, Lars Hedal, at
tel. +45 40 25 50 83 or email: hedal@bizzkit.com

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