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The big shopping days
beat the record again

With record sales on both Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Christmas sales again promise to be fantastic, but with more than one fifth of the Christmas shopping left for the last 14 days before Christmas, it is too early for e-sellers and marketers to just wait for Christmas to come.

Good offers for consumers and business people

Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to set records although new tendencies are on their way.

In 2018 the number of visitors and the turnover in the physical shops declined in many markets on Black Friday whereas the online turnover increased. In the US, approx. 21% of the consumers only shopped in the physical shops, 25% only shopped online while 54% preferred to shop multichannel. Many retailers are therefore announcing their offers in both channels.

Another tendency is that the good offers are no longer limited to Friday and Monday but last for the entire weekend or even the entire week. If the figures for the period are totalled and across channels, the sales around Black Friday and Cyber Monday are therefore still record-breaking.

Black Friday started as a shopping event in the physical stores
Also B2B has begun using Black Friday

Also the B2B sector has spotted the potential of taking the opportunity. The Danish trade organisation, The Confederation of Danish Industry, has conducted a study among its members which showed that 43% of the companies surveyed have run a Black Friday campaign and many expect a positive financial return.

Professional purchasers are thus increasingly receiving offers from new and existing suppliers that use Black Friday to obtain leads, overtake competitors and accelerate purchasing decisions.

Shopping from the couch or out of the couch?

Despite the fact that Black Friday originally was an invention of the physical shops, it is increasingly difficult, as mentioned, to make the consumers put on their overcoats, drive to the shop and wait in a line. Because it is convenient, easy and fast to get an overview of the good offers online and as a result, online sales are increasing doing more and more of the work. In the US, the number of customers in the physical shops declined by 9% compared to 2017. In return, online sales increased by 26%.

In particular the use of the mobile phone is becoming an increasingly popular media to shop from. Approx. 66% of the consumers used their mobile to research the good Black Friday offers, whereas 33.5% completed purchases via the mobile - against 29% in 2017.

Consumers often choose to shop online on Black Friday
Singles Day is big in China - but well on the way to the west

Singles Day is not just a Chinese event

The Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, once again experienced a tremendous Singles Day which took place on 11.11. They sold 27% more than last year and thus traded for as much as 30.8 billion dollars in just 24 hours.

A study conducted by MarketSquare showed that on Singles Day the conversion rates in China increased by 94% on desktop and by 344% on mobile. In the US, the conversion rates increased by 50% on desktop and by 58% on mobile, while France generally experienced an increase of 13% and England of 11%.

The enthusiasm for Singles Day is still biggest in China but the phenomenon is slowly but surely spreading towards the west.

Christmas sales last long

It is still too early to just wait for Christmas to come because there is still a lot of gift shopping left for the rest of December. According to a study from 2017 conducted by Deloitte, more than 20% of the online Christmas shopping is made during the last 10 days before Christmas Eve.

Timeframe in which internet users in
​​​​​​​Europe make Christmas purchases:

On the net there is still about 20% shopping Christmas presents the last 14 days before the holidays

Source: Deloitte, 2017

Green Monday is about 'grabbing' last-minute shoppers

Green Green Monday is not entirely dead

Green Monday is about getting the consumers to shop in time to have the gifts delivered before Christmas Eve. Green Monday is traditionally the second Monday in December because the delivery time was typically 10 days when the concept was born. With an average delivery time today for web shopping of 4.5 days, Green Monday still makes some sense.

In connection with Christmas sales, large retailers, which already have an extremely short delivery time, have started to reward their customers if they choose a longer delivery time in order to avoid some of the logistics pressure.

Green Monday or not, marketing opportunities exist in securing some of the last Christmas sales and making sure that the customers have their Christmas gifts delivered in time – because who wants Santa to be late?


Black Friday

Black Friday dates back to the 1960s, is the day after Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas sales. The day is the physical shops’ idea to a shopping day with lots of fantastic queue offers, and since the Americans typically have a day off Friday after Thanksgiving, they have time to shop. The name originates partly from the shops experiencing that the accounting figures on this day went from red to black but also from a police report from Philadelphia back in the 1960s where the expression was used to describe the massive traffic which occurred on this particular day.

Green Monday

Green Monday was introduced by eBay in 2007 and is about attracting last minute shoppers – those who did not shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and who want to make sure that the Christmas gifts are still brought home in time. Originally, Green Monday is on the second Monday in December with approx. 10 days to Christmas and where delivery is still possible. The name refers to the colour of the American notes and the enormous turnover which eBay experienced on this day.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was invented back in 2005 by shop.org/National Retail Federation and is the online shops’ response to Black Friday. Today, sales on Cyber Monday are bigger than sales on Black Friday and in general the lines between the two days are no longer so distinct.

Singles Day

Singles Day started as a funny backlash to Valentine’s Day – a tribute to the singles. So the date 11.11. is significant because the figures one represent the singles. In 2009, the Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, took Singles Day under its wing and since then the day has developed into a gigantic shopping day in Chinas irrespective of one’s marital status.

When we reach the holidays, we hope that everybody can lean back happily whether or not the happiness is caused because you as an e-seller experienced a Christmas sales which surpassed your expectations or you as a consumer is ready to put the perfect Christmas gifts under the tree.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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