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25 January 2021

Bizzkit and Forbytes in strategically strong partnership

The digital full-service agency Forbytes teams up with the e-commerce platform Bizzkit in order to satisfy the online ambitions of the Nordic e-commerce players and raise the bar for flexible e-commerce.


Forbytes was founded in 2011 and has today +70 employees divided between four offices in Europe from where they work with strategy, design and development of digital solutions based on some of the most acknowledged software technologies.

With extensive experience in e-commerce and a sharp focus on the needs of the individual customer, Forbytes develops ambitious e-commerce solutions for some of the Nordic countries’ most prominent brands such as Trademax.se, Stenströms and Swebike.se. Through the new partnership and the title as Bizzkit Solution Partner, Forbytes is now strengthening this work with market leading Danish e-commerce technology.

CEO At Forbytes, Don Lowe

“In our continuous work creating strategically planned customer journeys which match the unique business of each customer and thus increase the conversion, flexible and agile e-commerce technology is a quite central element to us. This is precisely what a headless e-commerce platform such as Bizzkit is offering and we look forward to the cooperation”

Forbytes og Bizzkit in new, ambitious partnership

Large ambitions from the beginning

In Forbytes, Bizzkit has obtained yet another ambitious partner which, by means of the flexibility of the Bizzkit platform, can help raise the bar for strategic e-commerce solutions for large companies at an international level.

Bizzkit is excited about the newly started partnership which has already gone off to a flying start with the certification of Forbytes’ sales team as Bizzkit Connoisseurs and two Bizzkit Chief certified developers.

Country Manager at Bizzkit, Patrick Swedén

“We are very pleased to welcome Forbytes as Solution Partner. From the very beginning, Forbytes has shown a huge drive and level of ambition for the partnership and has worked fast to put a Bizzkit certified sales and development team in position to help even more of Forbytes’ customers reach new heights on the Nordic e-commerce stage. Forbytes is a strong partner and we are very much looking forward to the next steps together with them"

The partnership with Forbytes is yet another important step in the international expansion of the Bizzkit platform which now has eight Swedish Solution Partners and is present throughout Sweden. A growth journey which has been able to spread its wings even further since the news about QNTM Group, which is part of the Nordic private equity fund Altor, having bought Bizzkit and thus having become Bizzkit’s new majority shareholder.

Curious to learn more?

Contact Country Manager at Bizzkit, Patrick Swedén, at +46 70 226 78 32 or send an email to pats@bizzkit.com

Contact CEO in Forbytes, Don Lowe, at +46 73 612 22 79 or send an email to don.lowe@forbytes.com​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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