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Bizzkit is closely involved in the development of Raptor Services’s new Customer Data Platform. A product which collects customer data across sources, makes data usable and the customers able to work even more efficiently with personalisation. The close joint efforts will not only ensure the Customer Data Platform a high level of user-friendliness but will also ensure a seamless interaction between the Customer Data Platform and the Bizzkit platform’s core products.

Raptor Services' new Customer Data Platform seamlessly integrates with the Bizzkit platform

What is a Customer Data Platform?

One size does not fit all and this is why data-driven marketing is so important in order to be able to design effective marketing campaigns, personalise the customer journey and increase the customers’ commitment. However, despite the fact that data-driven marketing is a topic which has been top of mind for many marketing people for a long time, many companies - whether they work in B2B or B2C – still live in a world where customer data is collected and stored in different and separate systems. This means that work is performed in silos and as a result the deepest customer insight is not obtained.

The key to bridge the different customer data sources, whether data comes from the web, physical purchase transactions, social media, CRM systems or from a fifth source, is a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

David Raab, the founder of the CDP Institute, defines a CDP as follows:

'A customer data platform is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.'

User-friendliness makes
the customers self-sufficient

A lot of data is not a target in itself because a lot of data is only a strength if it is made usable. As a result, much of the cooperation between Bizzkit and Raptor Services is based on integrating user-friendliness.

By involving mutual customers in the development, a designer is developed which makes it easy to work in the CDP without having to include specialists or technicians. In other words, personalisation across data sources becomes a task which can be part of a marketing department’s daily routines and not an expensive specialist project that has to be bought elsewhere.

At the same time, the close cooperation with Raptor means that Bizzkit can ensure our Solution Partners easy integration between the CDP and the Bizzkit platform’s CMS via a custom-built connector.

A connector which includes mapping structures, incorporated logics for updating and fallback logic also ensures an optimised match between the work in the CPD and the content which the customers prepare in the Bizzkit CMS. In this way, customers and partners will experience a larger consistency between two otherwise independent products.

Easy to select or deselect

Bizzkit's work is based on a best of breed mindset where we involve qualified suppliers of technologies that maximise the customers’ digital presence in our ecosystem. Raptor Services are already in our ecosystem because they are among the best when it comes to personalisation. It was therefore obvious to move even closer together and jointly qualify Raptor Services’s Customer Data Platform.

The result is a product which Bizzkit finds important and user-friendly, which integrates well with the Bizzkit platform but where the freedom of choice is maintained as it is still a stand-alone product which customers and partners can select or deselect as they like.

The potential in a Customer Data Platform

By using a CDP, the dream of working with ultimate customer profiles is within reach. And when it is also possible to take action on these customer profiles with relevant and engaging content, which is provided at the right time and place, the customers will not only have a better experience. It will also manifest in higher conversion rates, basket size and repurpose frequency.

In addition, a Customer Data Platform is a crucial instrument when working with Omnichannel and Unified Commerce where data exchange across channels is an important basis.

Read more about Raptor’s CDP here.

Are you interested in learning more about integrating Raptor’s Customer Data Platform in the Bizzkit platform?

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