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11 April 2019

Platform release

This time Bizzkit serves a platform release which among other things consist of new CRM features for working with Video Content and bulk operation features in the PIM.

Bizzkit Content Management System

CMS 13.7.-14.0.2

New video features

Research indicates that up to 79% of consumers prefer to watch a video rather than reading about a product. Therefore, a platform release is launched, which introduces even more tools in the Bizzkit CMS to work with Video Content.

With the new release, it is now possible to work with videos...

  • added to content blocks both to colums and rows
  • integrated as backgrounds both to colums and rows (NEW)
  • as MPG4 files picked directly from your Bizzkit DAM (NEW)
  • on Youtube and Vimeo

This gives you a lot of opportunities for presenting your brand, content and products using video, which is currently one of the most effective marketing tools.

Open Graph fields

We have expanded the Bizzkit CMS page settings with Open Graph fields, ensuring that you control how your content is viewed on social media (eg Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) - whether you share the content yourself or others do it for you.

With the Open Graph fields, you can tell the social media exactly which photo, heading, and description to include when a page link is inserted and shared.

Med Open Graph i CMS kontrollerer I, hvordan jeres sider deles på de sociale medier

With the Open Graph fields in Bizzkit CMS, you can tell the social medias exactly which photo, heading and description to include when a page link is inserted and shared.

Bizzkit Product Information System

PIM 11.0.0

Feature highligts

Bizzkit PIM is characterized by its extremely flexible architecture and broad feature scope which has been the recipe for multiple succesfull ecommerce solutions, and is therefore a recipe that we continue to develop, refine and improve.

Here are some of the improvements and new features released in the first quarter of 2019:

  • Made "Filters" and "Operations" panels sticky on the Product Catalogue page (duration of stickyness is a user session)
  • Made it possible to differentiate search between masters and variants
  • Improved styling of uninitialized /initialized value
  • Automatically place cursor when click on text field
  • Expanded attribute value fields to fill out the entire width of the containerTab navigation between PIM types.

Bulk operations

The release includes new smooth bulk operations for enriching many products with more product information at once, vastly optimizing the way you can edit and improve product data with Bizzkit PIM.

Speed up product enrichment by bulk adding or removing multiple attributes to products or add multiple products/SKUs to a master, bundles or product category.

I Bizzkit PIM effektiviseres arbejdsgangene med featuren 'bulk operations'.

When your existing data from ERP or other third-party systems has been imported into Bizzkit PIM, you can easily and effectively enrich, create new products and prepare for the final publication in, for exampel, the webshop.

Are you interested in hearing more about the Bizzkit platform, the latest release or the future roadmap?

Please contact CEO, Lars Hedal, at
tel. +45 40 25 50 83 or email: hedal@bizzkit.com


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