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19 February 2020

Platform Release

Bizzkit’s Chewy platform release is made up of several small but tasty bites and paves the way for the upcoming and comprehensive Salty Release which we are really looking forward to presenting in the spring of 2020.

Bizzkit Product Information
Management System

PIM 14.4.1

Primary category placement

This feature enables you to quickly identify the primary category placement of a product, as the primary placement is now shown as the first breadcrumb and written in bold.

Bizzkit PIM feature: Primary category placement

Boosting speed and performance

When working with numerous products and product variants, speed and accuracy are key issues. Therefore, we are happy to introduce the following new performance features, among other things:

  • Faster save actions on products
  • Easier generating of frontend views in job queue which leads to faster save-to-publish time

Bizzkit Content Management System

CMS 16.1.3

Trashcan on individual columns and rows

we have added a new option for deleting to supplement the ‘drag and drop’ action to delete. Simply click on the trashcan icon on the column or row bar to quickly delete an entire column or row with all its blocks.

Bizzkit CMS feature: trashcan on individual rows and columns

Research & Development

Intelligent User Guidance

Bizzkit has a continuous focus on establising new ways of combining our platform products, features and external technologies in order to constantly offer innovative customer solutions. By using the digital opportunities, you can offer your customer’s intelligent guidance and thereby give the customer journey an extra dimension. Eg. by incorporating surveys or tests into the webshop in order to obtain customer data and insights which can then again lead to more relevant product suggestions.

Tests and guide, are among other things made up by the following technical features:

  • Ecosystem and ‘headless’ architecture: Bizzkit being a ‘headless’ platform makes it easy to integrate with external technical partners. By using a ’headless’ architecture, a high degree of flexibility is furthermore obtained to combine the external technologies with content created in Bizzkit CMS which gives the customers a cohesive experience.
  • Granulated product attributes (PIM): For intelligent filtering of the relevance of products to ensure a fast and correct match for the customer’s requirements.
  • Target Audience (CMS): To make differentiated content whether the customer is logged in or not.
  • Rich Media (DAM): Picking visuals to create visual presentations in both CMS and PIM.

For further inspiration: read the article “Tips for using the employee’s special skills in your webshop” HERE.

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