Damixa - New website that gives access to information about product data in an easily accessible manner


Successful with improved data access

Damixa has launched a website that gives their customers access to information about important product data in an easily accessible manner. It simplifies everyday life for customers, users and Damixa.

Access to crucial data solves the plumbers’ daily challenges

Design, user-friendliness and focus on the customers’ needs and challenges are some of the principles which Denmark’s leading manufacturer of mixers and shower systems, Damixa, which is owned by the Swedish group FM Mattsson Mora Group, emphasises most of all in its business. It was therefore also some of the most important elements for Damixa when its website for eight different markets was to be developed.

The purpose of Damixa’s solution was to offer a unique online product catalogue with all relevant information about and important data on each individual Damixa product which the retailers, plumbers and end users need to ease their everyday lives. As a result, focus in the development of the solution has been on providing the users with a clear overview of the information and data they need in a simple and easily accessible way.


  • An installation app helps plumbers to easily ‘diagnose’ when visiting their customers.
  • Has created optimal interaction between a nice visual presentation and a great customer journey.
  • The PIM integration automatically grants access to crucial data and thus makes the users more self-reliant.

Previously, our customer service received a lot of requests from plumbers and installation contractors who needed help to find certain spare parts that matched the Damixa products they were repairing at the customer. But with help from documents and data on our website and not least the new app, we experience a considerable reduction in the number of requests. In this way, our solution has relieved the pressure on our customer service as well as given our users and customers an easier access to relevant information that helps them in their everyday lives.

Damixa Pro app
​​​​​​​– helps the plumber on the move

The latest addition to Damixa’s solution – and with the purpose of further satisfying the customers’ needs and solve their challenges – is the installation app ‘Damixa Pro'. The purpose of the app is to help plumbers on the move when they visit a customer, save valuable time and remove the hassle of contacting Damixa’s customer service to have important information about a product in question. In this way, the app is an important tool which can make the plumbers and other installation contractors more independent when visiting customers.

​​​​​​​In the same way as on the website, the plumber can via the app get access to all relevant information about and data on the individual product where they can download important installation documents or find certain spare parts for the individual product. The user has two options when finding the product in the app; either by using the bar code scanner or by answering some questions about the product.

Get access to relevant information with the new Damixa app

Damixa pro app is only available in DanishUsing the bar code scanner, the installation contractor only has to scan the bar code on the Damixa product in his possession and he will be presented to all relevant information about the product. If the installation contractor is not in possession of a bar code, which is often the case during repair of a customer’s mixer, the installation contractor can find the exact product by answering the question whether the mixer is placed in the bathroom or in the kitchen, which handles the mixer has and whether the mixer has a high or a low tap.

In addition to the search function for products, the app also contains a news page where Damixa can keep the users up-to-date or present them with various tips and tricks. If the users cannot find what they are looking for in the app, the app also contains a contact page with direct contact information for Damixa’s customer service so that the user is never more than one click away from getting expert help when needed.

When design makes sense​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Design is a central part of Damixa’s identity. With focus on Danish design and flawless craftsmanship, the design on damixa.com is, of course, also a very central element in itself. Just like the design of Damixa’s products is not just an appeal to the senses but also makes sense in practice, the design and UX should also interact optimally on damixa.com.

As a result, the design on damixa.com – in the same way as Damixa's products – is invented based on the user's challenges and needs so that the website in perfect synergy appears inviting to the eye as well as functional in relation to the users’ needs.