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Webshop - the 'headless' approach

With a ‘headless’ webshop you obtain the ultimate freedom to customise your e-commerce solution to match your business
– now and in the future.

Full freedom with Bizzkit ‘headless’ Webshop

If you have a clear ambition to continuously improve the customer experience, work across channels and media and be able to incorporating the latest technologies. And if you want to use the market’s best third party services and realise new growth plans, a ‘headless’ solution supports your goal optimally. Among other things, a ‘headless’ solution

  • ensures that you remain competitive. The development is moving fast and with a ‘headless’ Webshop, you can quickly adjust your solution to changes in the market.
  • supports Unified Commerce. Shopping today is multiplex and the development continues in this direction. The consumers want to shop, research, pay and have products delivered in countless ways and across channels and media which your solution must be able to handle.
  • provides increased security. A simpler architecture benefits the security because external users can only access the front-end code and the database, whereas the rest of the platform is completely inaccessible as it is disconnected from the front-end.
A 'headless' webshop gives you the freedom to build the ultimate customer journey

Matas, Denmark’s leading retail chain within personal care, wants to give its customers the ultimate shopping experience online as well as offline. The freedom to constantly being able to offer the latest digital options such as voice shopping and drop shipping are consequently crucial.
www.matas.dk - read the case.

Maximum flexibility creates unique shopping experiences and increased conversion

With the Bizzkit platform to support you, you get ultimate preconditions to create precisely the solution that separates you from the competitors and delivers the best service to your customers. Based on Microsoft Technology Stack with the strong and seamlessly integrated products PIM, CMS and DAM as well as a growing library of standard modules, you get a solid foundation for success now and in the future.

Why the Bizzkit platform is missing its head
The platform’s head represents the customer-related part of the e-commerce solution, including the front-end and back-end code that supports the required customer journey for the end customer. When it has been disconnected from the platform’s basic products (PIM, CMS and DAM), we talk about a ‘headless’ approach and this provides the framework for creating a quite unique solution.

Together with the API architecture, which exchanges information between the back-end platform and the customer solution, you get an extremely flexible platform.

Bizzkit ecosystem

Bizzkit believes in ‘best of breed’: That we do what we do best and use the strongest technologies available in the market.

Based on Bizzkit’s platform products and API structure, it is easily integrated with the best in the market within search, marketing automation and personalisation. Naturally, you can use precisely the business partner you want.

Read about the ecosystem here

Bizzkit ‘headless’ platform is particularly characterised by:

The API architecture

The solution’s head (the customer-related part of the solution) and body (the platform products) are separated and use a full API architecture to exchange information.


The solution has no predefined designs or presentation interfaces. Before the solution is ready, extra development, adjustment and UX design are required. In return, it is a flexible solution which can be customised to precisely match your customers’ shopping journey.


The API architecture makes it possible to connect precisely with the external technologies you want to the solution. This also provides optimal conditions for working with differentiated solutions for different segments and markets. Bizzkit is already working closely together with many of the market’s best suppliers but the choice is always up to the customer.

Expansions and adjustments

Since the solution’s customer-related part (the head) works independent of the database structure, future needs for expansions, adjustments and changes are easy to incorporate.

Is my e-commerce platform supposed to be missing its head?

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The market’s most complete
e-commerce platform

Bizzkit Webshop is included in the market’s most complete e-commerce platform Bizzkit which uniquely contains CMS, DAM, PIM as well as webshop under one common login and with seamless integrations.


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