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We collaborate with industry-leading providers of technologies and add-on services. Together, we maximize your digital presence and give your customers a great shopping experience.

Bizzkit øko-systemet

Add-on partners

A large network of professional add-on partners in, for example, payment, delivery and marketing allows you to choose the service that best suits your business, your market and your customers. You can read more about them below.


Bambora helps over 126 000 merchants in 65 countries all over the world with their daily payments.

DIBS offers a simple and secure payment solution with more than 40 payment methods in just one integration.

With an online payment solution from ePay you can accept payment cards in your online store.

Klarna provides online financial services such as payment solutions for online storefronts, debt collection, credit payments and more.

With MobilePay companies can offer their Danish customers to pay with their mobile phone in stores, online stores and apps.

Nets connects banks, businesses and consumers through innovative digital payment solutions.

Valitor receive payments across E-Commerce, in-store and mobile channels. Scale your business efficiently and without boundaries.

Data and analysis

Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.

Manage all your tags without editing code. Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management — for free.

Kibana is an open source data visualization plugin for Elasticsearch. It provides visualization capabilities on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster.

Redis is an open-source in-memory database project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value store with optional durability.

Content Delivery Network

Amazon Web Services is a bundled remote computing service that provides cloud computing infrastructure. AWS is the world's largest cloud solutions provider.

Cloudflare is one of the World's largest cloud network platforms. Gives your global users faster, more secure, and more reliable internet experiences.

Microsoft Azure is a collection of cloud services that can be used to build, roll out and manage, for example, e-commerce solutions.


Bring has Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland as their local market - but offers transport all over the world and has offices in most regions.

GLS offers freight solutions and covers both nationally and internationally - with Europe as a core area.

PostNord delivers communication and logistics solutions to businesses and individuals in Denmark and Sweden.

Marketing / Marketing automation

TwentyThree is a platform that helps coordinate, plan, measure and optimize video marketing across social media.

MailChimp is one of the world's most used e-mail marketing platforms, which makes it easy to design, broadcast and track e-mail to subscribers.


PRTG Network Monitor monitors the IT infrastructure in relation to performance and security.


Raptor develops services, which, through complex algorithms, data mining and machine learning, collect customer data that can be transformed into personalisation across platforms.

Based on AI-driven customer data RichRelevance offers Omnichannel Personalisation, which optimizes customer experience across web, mobile and retail.

Development and implementation

Octopus Deploy is an automated release management tool for developers and DevOps teams.

React is a JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces.

Technology partners

We focus on our core competences and therefore cooperate closely with partners who are experts in their fields. We complement each other and it enables us to deliver the best solutions to our customers.


Auth0 provides a universal authentication and authorization platform for web, mobile, and legacy applications.

Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework for web, mobile and desktop.

Bootstrap is open source and a free collection of tools and services for creating web applications.

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases.

Elm is a functional language that compiles to JavaScript.

ImageMagick is a series of command line tools for automatic image processing.

Microsoft is a leading developer of software for private and business. The Bizzkit platform is based on Microsoft's standard technology and we are a Gold Certified Partner.

.NET is a software framework that allows you to complete programs written in a .NET programming language.

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