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Free whitepaper: Nordic analysis of e-commerce and sustainability 2019

The consumers want to shop sustainably
- but it is difficult !

Bizzkit has asked 1000 Danish, 1000 Norwegian and 1000 Swedish consumers about their knowledge of, attitudes towards and behavior in relation to e-commerce and sustainability. In this free whitepaper you kan delve into the numbers and get tips on how e-sellers can help the consumers to shop more sustainably.


E-commerce and sustainability

24% of the Nordic consumers believe that online shopping causes bigger damage to the environment than shopping in physical stores. 42% think that it is 'difficult' or 'very difficult' to find information about sustainability when shopping online. 52% are to 'a great extent' or 'a very great extent' willing to wait 2 days longer for delivery in order to obtain a more sustainable online shopping. Delve into the numbers and learn more about what consumers think about e-commerce and sustainability.

Bizzkit whitepaper: e-commerce and sustainability

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