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The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different from the present. Therefore, those who are truly future-proof are the ones that can keep up with the changes. Bizzkit was built on a flexible foundation. This means that our technology is resilient through change. We adapt to your needs and those of the future.

The flexible foundation – Microservices and API

It is essential to be able to change quickly and adapt to new market logics. Think of how quickly the live shopping wave emerged during the lockdown period. It became an indispensable technology for many webshops, but it was much easier to get started on for those who had the right foundation.

That foundation is a platform of microservices and APIs. I.e. that every major function in your webshop – e.g. your CMS or PIM – can be changed without changing all the other parts. Each function is called a Microservice or a Packaged Business Capability, and these are connected to each other through APIs. At Bizzkit, we use Swagger APIs that ensure simple integration. This makes it easy to quickly incorporate new technologies like live shopping.

The reason for choosing an interchangeable foundation is that it enables you to always choose the most suitable solution. For example, you are free to choose the PIM system you think best suits your challenges, without committing to other technology. In other words, you can put together the platform that best suits your needs and those of your customers. This is also what is called a best-of-breed approach, composable commerce or MACH. All the terms have different definitions, but they basically cover the same thing. IT solutions that can be pieced together from many different solutions to ensure a high degree of freedom of choice and the ability to always select the best single function.

Headless – freedom to choose

Another term that comes up is headless. This covers microservices that can be tailored to the end user. Some microservices look a certain way. This means, for example, that you can never change the look or functionality of the payment module the customer sees in your shop. Whether you want to or not. If a microservice is headless, you can completely optimise the look and feel for your user experience.

Headless is also about the freedom to create exactly the setup you think stands out and works best for your customers. It's a question of being able to meet all their needs and create the best possible version of your customer journey. If your systems are headless, you can optimise every small step of the buying experience. The same shop can also have different "heads" depending on how you access it – whether through an app or desktop. The data and systems remain the same, but the two accesses look very different. Therefore, we have chosen to make sure that all Bizzkit technologies are headless. That way, you can give your customers exactly the experience they want.

Cloud and connected best-of-breed

Our solutions are all based on state-of-the-art cloud technology. This means you get products that are always fully up-to-date and offer both operational and data security. Our services are always available and easy to access. This also means that all our products can be accessed from the same browser-based user interface.

All Bizzkit products can be freely used individually, but they can also be used in combination with each other with several advantages. We call this connected best-of-breed, because some of the advantages arise precisely in the interaction between Bizzkit's products. ​​​​​​​

First of all, all the services are perfectly integrated with each other, giving you a seamless user experience where you can easily move between PIM, DAM, CMS and Ecommerce Search without any disruption. Moving data between services is easy, e.g. when you need to associate a product image from DAM with your PIM.

There are always smooth transitions between the services, because the four products have coordinated roadmaps, so their integration is always secure.  This is not always the standard with best-of-breed setups. Here, however, you will find systems that reinforce and enhance each other.


  • What is MACH?

    MACH is an acronym for a system architecture principle that covers Microservices, API First, Cloud and Headless. In short, each function in a setup can be easily replaced, giving you the freedom to put together the strongest possible portfolio.
  • What is composable commerce?

    Composable commerce covers the same principles as MACH. It is a question of being able to put together your IT solution from exactly the elements you think will work best. This means that you have a high degree of flexibility in building your webshop.
  • What is best-of-breed e-commerce?

    Best-of-breed is the best choice for a given function. This could be your PIM or CDP. Some systems will suit your needs better than others, and composable commerce allows you to choose the very best product and create a best-of-breed setup.
  • Why choose composable?

    Composable gives you a high degree of freedom, where you can change individual parts of the overall solution as technology, customer behaviour, your business processes or ambitions change. You can switch so you always have state-of-the-art solutions that meet customer expectations for a modern webshop.

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