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Bizzkit’s basic recipe is solid, but it is our skilled Solution Partners that add the extra ingredients that ensure our customers e-commerce solutions that will strengthen their business – both now and in the future.

A partnership with potential

We offer our partners:

1. a comprehensive platform that contains robust, well-integrated core products, complete freedom to customise the solution and optimal conditions for an interplay with external technologies.

2. a clear ambition to enter into a long-term collaboration focusing on enduring customer relationships that will strengthen our businesses both strategically and financially.

3. access to partner education, training, certification and support, which enables you to sell, advise, develop and supply your customers effectively and efficiently.

4. a minimum of four major platform releases a year – plus an engaging collaboration, where together we pave the way with solutions that help set the market standard.

Become a Bizzkit partner and access a complete platform, partner training, support and more
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If you’d like to be a Bizzkit partner then we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call or use the contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Esben Zeuthen, System Architect at Hesehus:

Esben Zeuthen, System Architect at Hesehus:

“One of the big advantages with the Bizzkit platform is that we have coordinated roadmaps for the core products. This gives us maximum potential to realise the features customers request, even when this requires further development of the integration between two or more core products.”

Anja Saabye, Strategic Customer Insights Manager at Hesehus:

Anja Saabye, Former Strategic Customer Insights Manager at Hesehus:

”“When we design the optimal customer journey, freedom and flexibility are ‘must-haves’. On the Bizzkit platform we have the opportunity to integrate precisely those functions and features necessary to accommodate the customers’ needs. Nor are we restricted in either the design or construction of flows, so we can truly customise the solution."