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When you offer your customers dialogue, advice and inspiration online in real time, you strengthen your customer relationship. That in turn creates more committed and loyal customers – and increases your conversion rate.
Visit at NRF Big Show 2020 and a lot of interesting store visits in New York has given us an impression of which trends will influence the retailing and digital shopping most in the near future.
By using the digital opportunities, you can put the commitment and expertise of your employees into play in your webshop and by doing so give the customer journey an extra dimension.
The digital development has paved the way for new brands to easier establish and achieve explosive growth rates by using the new digital options. The so-called Digital Native Vertical Brands are a very good example.
There is in particular one predominant reason why e-sellers should always take a 'headless' platform into consideration. Namely that an e-commerce solution is NEVER complete. It is a process which is 'endless'.
Preparation, advance planning and use of PIM to ensure top-notch product descriptions help e-traders towards success during this autumn's biggest shopping days.
Delivery and return concepts are among the main customer touchpoints which e-traders are constantly working on to develop. Concepts that are helping to improve competitiveness and retail conversion rates, but which also challenge earning capacity.
Should'nt online business elevate social media from a tactical-marketing media to a strategic channel for sales?
Future consumers prefer brands with clear messages. Also professional purchasers prefer brands that are working with a relatable purpose - other than the bottom line.
In January, Bizzkit attended the World's biggest retail conference and spiced our stay with visits to interesting physical stores. The visit was a melting pot of impressions, news and experiences. We have collected 7 key take-aways here.
With picture recognition incorporated in your webshop, you can optimise the user experience for your customers because they can quickly find what they are looking for or find comparable and related products.
Christmas shopping 2018 is going to be fantastic, but with more than one fifth of the Christmas shopping left for the last 14 days before Christmas, it is too early for e-sellers and marketers to just wait for Christmas to come.
Consumers and suppliers are ready and voice-activated commerce is expected to reach an annual turnover of 40 billion dollars in 2022.
90% of all users make use of a search engine such as Google when searching for information or making a purchase online. And 85% of the users find what they need on page 1. Search engine optimization is therefore still very important in the marketing of your webshop.

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