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10 September 2019

Meet us at D-B2B

Gothenburg 8 October 2019

Svensk Digital Handel is organizing Sweden's most important B2B e-commerce conference on October 8, 2019 in Gothenburg. Bizzkit participates together with our customer Fristads AB, who will share their many years of experience of working with e-commerce .

Presentation at 2.45 PM:

’To infinity and beyond'
- customer case about FRISTADS AB

When Buzz Lightyear from the animated film Toy Story ventures out on seemingly impossible missions, his motto is 'to infinity and beyond'. The reason is that he has an indomitable belief that he will succeed. When Senior Digital Manager Tomas Wikström from Fristads AB was given the task to establish a sophisticated cross-branding e-commerce solution, his sceptical colleagues said that he would become a hero if he was able to solve the task. Fortunately, Tomas Wikström possesses the same indomitable spirit as Buzz Lightyear and solved the task.

However, in Fristads AB they do not rest on their laurels because an e-commerce solution needs to be constantly adjusted and further developed. An example is that Tomas works in close partnership with Fristads AB’s Marketing & E-Commerce Manager, Jonathan Andersson, to combine B2B and B2C sales. A huge challenge from a technical as well as an organisational point of view and compared to developing a solution which appeals to both customer types.

About Tomas Wikström and Jonatan Andersson

Meet Jonatan Andersson, Marketing and E-Commerce Manager, and Senior Digital Manager, Tomas Wikström, who are at the head of Fristads AB’s digital strategy, comprising the company’s e-commerce solution, which was launched in 2012, and is built on the Bizzkit platform and developed by Solution Partner Hesehus.

Jonatan Andersson, Fristads AB

Jonatan Andersson, Fristads AB

Tomas Wikström, Fristads AB

Tomas Wikström, Fristads AB

Read about D-B2B HERE

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