18 November 2019

E-commerce law: Geoblocking

In December 2018, the EU introduced rules prohibiting unjustified geo-blocking. Madeleine Kristoferson from the law firm Delphi explains the rules.

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Bizzkit's Tasty platform release offers new features for both PIM, DAM and CMS. For example, an Excel Connector, which will in particular delight spreadsheet enthusiasts, and an automatic image transformation making it easier to use Google Shopping Feed.
Bizzkit has asked 1000 Danish, 1000 Norwegian and 1000 Swedish consumers about their knowledge of, attitudes towards and behavior in relation to e-commerce and sustainability. In this free whitepaper you kan delve into the numbers and get tips on how e-sellers can help the consumers to shop more sustainably.
PARTNER EVENT: Free breakfast seminar on November 14th 2019 in Malmö where Michael Nilsson Pauli from Solution Partner Kodexe together with Patrick Swedén from Bizzkit tell about inspirational customer cases (B2B and B2C), strategies for developing a webshop and the advantages of 'headless' e-commerce.
Partner and Attorney at Delphi, Agnes Hammarstrand, goes through some common mistakes and what to consider from a legal perspective before launching an e-commerce business internationally.
PRESS RELEASE: Many consumers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden think that it is difficult to shop sustainably online. Lack of information about production and country of origin is one of the reasons. This appears from a study with more than 1,000 respondents from each of the three Nordic countries conducted Bizzkit
EVENTS IN GOTHENBURG: Meet us at D-B2B on Oct 8 together with Fristads AB who will share their many years of experience working with e-commerce. Or participate in our free breakfast meeting on Oct 17 organised in cooperation with iCore Solutions.
Bizzkit is closely involved in the development of Raptor Services’s new Customer Data Platform which collects customer data across sources and makes it possible to work even more efficiently with personalisation. The close cooperation ensures an easy integration between the CDP and the Bizzkit platform as well as a high level of user-friendliness.
The EU's Digital Single Market Project – what does it mean? The lawyers Agnes Hammerstrand and Marielle Eide-Westholm explain the new consumer rules.
Preparation, advance planning and use of PIM to ensure top-notch product descriptions help e-traders towards success during this autumn's biggest shopping days.
A good ecommerce solution must be user-friendly, efficient to work in and future-proof. One critical area for achieving this is by ensuring optimal integration – both between the solution’s core products, outwards towards external technologies and within the company’s existing systems.

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