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16 October 2020

Bizzkit and Cloud Nine enter into ambitious partnership

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The Danish e-commerce platform Bizzkit has captured the Swedish market and is aiming for success. A doubling of the number of Swedish partners strengthens the ambition to capture 10 percent of the growing Swedish e-commerce market.
The fast-growing e-commerce platform Bizzkit and the digital full-service agency Maverick have entered into an agreement on a strategic partnership to lift Swedish e-commerce.
Free webinar August 24th 2020 where Lars Hedal from Bizzkit will take you through how Matas grew 300% during the first weeks of the corona crisis by speeding up e-commerce innovation and where Maryam Ghahremani from Bambuser then will focus attention on how live video shopping is transforming retail.<br />
When you offer your customers dialogue, advice and inspiration online in real time, you strengthen your customer relationship. That in turn creates more committed and loyal customers – and increases your conversion rate.
Coronavirus is a human tragedy but also a tough blow for the business community. However, for e-sellers there is much to be gained from taking a proactive approach and helping and guiding online customers.
Visit at NRF Big Show 2020 and a lot of interesting store visits in New York has given us an impression of which trends will influence the retailing and digital shopping most in the near future.
Bizzkit’s Chewy platform release is made up of several small but tasty bites all of which contribute to better performance and higher efficiency. Besides, you get inspiration to work with intelligent user guidance.
By using the digital opportunities, you can put the commitment and expertise of your employees into play in your webshop and by doing so give the customer journey an extra dimension.
The digital development has paved the way for new brands to easier establish and achieve explosive growth rates by using the new digital options. The so-called Digital Native Vertical Brands are a very good example.
There is in particular one predominant reason why e-sellers should always take a 'headless' platform into consideration. Namely that an e-commerce solution is NEVER complete. It is a process which is 'endless'.

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