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2 June 2021

Webinar: Internationalizing your e-commerce – how to succeed on the international stage

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Postponed. New date will be announced. Delphi, Consid and Bizzkit invite you to a webinar on the 6th of May where focus will be on B2B. We will dive into the subjects of how to achieve success with your B2B webshop, how to use e-commerce as more than just a sales channel and the latest laws and regulations that you should be aware of.
The digital full-service agency Forbytes teams up with the e-commerce platform Bizzkit in order to satisfy the online ambitions of the Nordic e-commerce players and raise the bar for flexible e-commerce.
Altor has recently launched QNTM Group which from the beginning will be the new principal shareholder in Bizzkit and the parent company Hesehus that has come strongly through the corona crisis. The vendor is 3C Groups which has been the principal shareholder for 15 years. With the new partnership, the ambitions for Bizzkit’s international expansion are further strengthened.
With an increased focus on e-commerce solutions for the sale of physical products, the award-winning digital agency Rebel and Bird has raised the ambitions and enters into a strategic partnership with the e-commerce platform Bizzkit to meet the online objectives of the Scandinavian e-commerce companies.
Cloud Nine, one of the Nordic countries' leading digital agencies, teams up with the e-commerce platform Bizzkit to strengthen Swedish e-commerce and satisfy the Swedish e-commerce companies' ambitious online objectives.
The Danish e-commerce platform Bizzkit has captured the Swedish market and is aiming for success. A doubling of the number of Swedish partners strengthens the ambition to capture 10 percent of the growing Swedish e-commerce market.
The fast-growing e-commerce platform Bizzkit and the digital full-service agency Maverick have entered into an agreement on a strategic partnership to lift Swedish e-commerce.
Free webinar August 24th 2020 where Lars Hedal from Bizzkit will take you through how Matas grew 300% during the first weeks of the corona crisis by speeding up e-commerce innovation and where Maryam Ghahremani from Bambuser then will focus attention on how live video shopping is transforming retail.<br />
When you offer your customers dialogue, advice and inspiration online in real time, you strengthen your customer relationship. That in turn creates more committed and loyal customers – and increases your conversion rate.
Coronavirus is a human tragedy but also a tough blow for the business community. However, for e-sellers there is much to be gained from taking a proactive approach and helping and guiding online customers.

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