19 September 2019

Close partner cooperation facilitates personalisation in the highest potency

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The EU's Digital Single Market Project – what does it mean? The lawyers Agnes Hammerstrand and Marielle Eide-Westholm explain the new consumer rules.
Preparation, advance planning and use of PIM to ensure top-notch product descriptions help e-traders towards success during this autumn's biggest shopping days.
A good ecommerce solution must be user-friendly, efficient to work in and future-proof. One critical area for achieving this is by ensuring optimal integration – both between the solution’s core products, outwards towards external technologies and within the company’s existing systems.
What are ‘Calculated attributes’, ‘Fetch loaded content’, ‘Linkable rows’ and ‘Internal articles’? And how can these new features make your daily work procedures even more efficient and optimise the experience for your customers? Learn more about the Spicy Bizzkit platform release.
Delivery and return concepts are among the main customer touchpoints which e-traders are constantly working on to develop. Concepts that are helping to improve competitiveness and retail conversion rates, but which also challenge earning capacity.
What is required of you and your e-commerce solution, if you want to exploit the business potential outside your national borders? Download Bizzkit's whitepaper and gain insights and specific tips before you cross the borders.
Should'nt online business elevate social media from a tactical-marketing media to a strategic channel for sales?
It may sound absurd that it can be an advantage to be missing the head. However, when it comes to e-commerce solutions, it may be a gain on several fronts to be 'headless'. In particular, if your business is working towards a Unified Commerce strategy. Read on and learn about both concepts.
Bizzkit's Danish parent company, Hesehus, has recently published its annual accounts for 2018 and is very satisfied to have achieved the third highest profit in the company's history despite heavy investments in an internationalisation proces in which the first step is Sweden.
New CMS-features for working with Video Content - currently one of the most effective marketing tools - and new smooth bulk operations in the PIM-system are just some of the highlights included in the Crispy Bizzkit platform release.

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