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Guests at Fazer Foods staff restaurants can easily buy well-prepared and healthy dinner dishes to go - via desktop, tablet and mobile.

Design optimization

Focus on ongoing design optimization positively affect the conversion rate.

Annual million turnover

Web solution launched in 4 countries and today generates an annual million turnover.


Visitors get the best shopping experience regardless of what device it is visited from.

Wip-away webshop is based on the Bizzkit platform

Fazer Food & Co.

Fazer Food Services is one of the leading lunch suppliers not only in Denmark but also in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Lunch is served daily for more than 450,000 guests in the Nordic countries. In Denmark, Fazer Food Services runs approx. 160 staff restaurants (canteens) for private companies as well as public universities, government agencies, ministries, etc. Fazer Food Services is part of the Finnish Fazer Food Group established in 1891 by Karl Fazer. Today, the group employs more than 15,000 people and traded for more than DKK 11.8 billion in 2015. In Denmark, Fazer Food Services is best known for its chocolate and liquorice products Fazermint, Dumle, Skolekridt and Tyrkisk Peber but the majority of the group’s turnover comes from other areas such as Fazer Bakeries, Fazer Cafés and the very recognised staff restaurants in Fazer Food Services which are run under service brands such as Fazer Food & Co. and Amica.

With the webshop, it is possible for the guests in Fazer Food Services’ staff restaurants to buy delicious and healthy dishes to bring home and heat up for the family for dinner.

Design with focus on conversion

After six years with a well-functioning webshop, Fazer Food Services chose to update and expand the webshop. With focus on a maximum conversion, the webshop is based on the idea that “less content on the front page sells more!”. Surveys find that it is easier for the customers to navigate the webshop and find what they need – and thereby they are more likely to complete a purchase – if they are not exposed to too much unnecessary noise on a website. Therefore, it has been decided only to display two dinner dishes at a time on the new front page of the webshop but the customer can, of course, via a single click have more of the current menus displayed.

Design with focus on conversion
Order dinner on the smartphone

Order dinner on the smartphone

In the autumn 2012, Fazer Food Services launched a simple and easily available mobile version of the Fazer Food & Co. webshop in order to accommodate the increasing use of smartphones for online shopping. The mobile version was soon a success for the Danish lunch guests who can now easily order the family’s dinner via their smartphone.

Cross-border focus in responsive design

When the Finnish and Swedish versions of the Fazer Food & Co. shop were to be developed, Fazer – due to new functions and the adjustments for two new markets – decided on a responsive design as it matches the new functions better and still ensures the user a mobile solution that gives the best shopping experience regardless of what device it is visited from.​​​​

The webshop Wip-away is responsive

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