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With the webshop, synergies between ASSA ABLOY's brands are optimally utilized, thereby ensuring a lower cost level.

​​​​​​​Flexible production

The company’s many brands can produce catalogues and price lists based on individual design.

​​​​​​​International solution

Customised to the various companies located on six different continents in order to maintain brand identity.

​​​​​​​Lower cost level

Streamlining and better utilization of synergies between brands ensure lower cost levels.

From regional company to international group

With more than 150 companies, ASSA ABLOY is the world’s leading supplier of door opening solutions and locking systems. Especially in the rapidly growing electromechanical security segment, the group has a leading position within areas such as access control, identification technology, door automatisation and hotel security.

Since its founding in 1994, when Swedish ASSA merged with Finnish ABLOY, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company to an international group with 37,000 employees and a turnover of approx. EUR 4 billion and the group now houses brands such as Yale, Lockwood, Medeco, EM Entrematic and Danish Ruko.

ASSA ABLOY chooses the Bizzkit platform as basis for their webshop
The webshop ensures synergies between brands

Exploiting synergies between brands

With a wide range of brands in the portfolio, ASSA ABLOY faced the challenge of having to avoid confusing brand messages to the markets, too many technical platforms, ineffective catalogue production, and not least costs that were too high. In other words, ASSA ABLOY had a desire to exploit the synergies between the individual brands and thereby ensure a lower cost level.

Sharing of enormous amount of data

ASSA ABLOY's vision was to share the enormous amount of data between the individual brands which has been managed with the development of The ASSA ABLOY One Web Master Product Catalogue (MPC).

The ASSA ABLOY One Web Master Product Catalogue is based on the Bizzkit platform containing a sophisticated PIM and media bank which is used for automatic production of catalogues and price lists and serves as a supplier of texts, images and product information for the companies' websites and online shops.

Through a login-based website, each company under ASSA ABLOY can now prepare complete catalogues and price lists without having to install a particular piece of software. The design for the automatic catalogue is either based on ASSA ABLOY’s standard catalogue designs or on the individual brand’s own design. Within minutes, the user is presented with a completed PDF in either low resolution for normal printout or high resolution incl. crop marks ready for printing.

Sharing of enormous amount of data
ASSA ABLOY exprience success with their webshop

The results

At the same time, ASSA ABLOY has launched the project One Web, which aims to unite the group's 280 sites and 850 domains in a new global website universe that ensures clear and consistent communication on the Internet.

The ASSA ABLOY One Web Master Product Catalogue is in many cases integrated with each company's financial systems and provides data for many of the companies' websites and online shops including EM Entrematic. In the autumn 2009 EM Entrematic launched its webshop for six major selected dealers, and just six months later, the selected dealers placed 45% of all their orders electronically.

EM Entrematic has subsequently opened the webshop up for a larger number of dealers and added more language versions - still with One Web Master Product Catalogue as the core.

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